Monday, July 23, 2012

ZachnRobynn To The Rescue- Again!

Yesterday was very eventful.

After meeting we had to get ready for our gathering, so Zach was moving some chairs and things around when he found a little surprise. There was a very little, very hungry kitten hiding behind the chairs. At first, he just brought down some milk for it, but it was too skittish to come eat. So we decided it needed rescuing. For a little guy, he sure runs fast! We had to chase him all over the yard, but we finally caught him and got him some much needed food. We didn't (and still don't) have much in the way of kitten food, so we've been feeding him milk and hot dogs. He really likes the hot dogs, but they do not like him. Yay cleaning my house!

He's really starting to like us now, he was eating out of my hand last night, and was just taking a nap with Zach. In just the last day, he has gone from being a skittish sick kitty to being playful and adventurous and loving.
I made the mistake of giving him a name (Chairman Meow) and now we've gotten attached to each other. Which is a wonderful thing since we are leaving in two weeks and can't take him with us. (Awwwwwwww)

We found Chairman Meow a good home though. He is going to live with the sister who cleans for our landlords. So, we're happy for him, but sad. I miss him already and he's sitting in my lap.

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