Sunday, July 15, 2012

So Proud of Myself

After meeting today we went to a local buffet for lunch. I wasn't super excited because they mostly have tipico food, which as you all know, I don't like.
But I surprised myself. I ate tipico and I liked it! My plate looked like something an actual Honduran would eat. And it was nice change from spaghetti.
Maybe there is hope for me after all.

Next weekend we are hosting a shindig for our congregation. I hope our little patio is big enough to fit everyone. We just realized we only have a handful of chairs and one table, so that could make things a little difficult.

We had quite the adventure yesterday. We were doing some generic cleaning when we realized my passport was missing. The last time either of us could remember seeing it was when we went to Tela to get our visa extension. So we completely tore the house apart, literally going drawer to drawer emptying everything out to look for it. Didn't find it. So we went in and cleaned the house up again, still didn't find it. Figured there was a small chance it got taken to the internet cafe to get scanned to send to Customs a few weeks ago, so we went to the mall to look for it. Still no luck. So we came home and looked on the US Embassy website for what to do. Because we need the passport in two weeks, we would have to take a 7 hour trip to Tegus by bus and have an appointment there to get everything handled. Problem with that- all the appointments are booked out for the next 3 weeks. Kinda makes it hard to have an emergency. So we were totally freaking out by this point, because I am not going to miss Pioneer School. So sitting there contemplating worst case scenarios and Zach just happens to go back through a drawer of clothes that we had already checked 3 times. Found the passport in his pocket. The shorts had been folded just right, so when he checked those pants before, he didn't feel it in there.

HUGE sigh of relief!

Still not sure how my passport ended up in there, but I don't really care at this point.

On the bright side, because of this ordeal, we have now packed up about half of our apartment. It was amazing to go through what we brought and realize there were things we wouldn't need for the next 3 weeks, because we hadn't used them for the last six months. I don't know if that's a sign that we can go ahead and get rid of those items permanently, or a sign that we just packed completely wrong. It's probably a combination of both. Enh, maybe we can learn from that. We did pull out our jeans to wear a couple days ago, so I don't feel quite so dumb for packing those. Hey, it gets cold here...kinda.

In fact, I think all of you back home have hotter weather than we do. Well, except for Curtis, because the rain follows him everywhere he goes. Now you're all mad jealous that we are here, with the nice ocean breezes while you swelter in the 100-plus temps. And all of us wish we were hanging out with Curtis.

Huh, maybe we should move to Oregon.


  1. Zach must have magical pockets. His rings are always disappearing in them and now your passport. Will have to be the first place you check for things from now on! Glad you found it though. Got your hotel room for Saturday night when you get here so all is good there. And if you end up staying here long enough maybe you can plan a trip to Oregon, who knows. You might need a break from the kids and the small trailer. ;-)

  2. Hi Zach and Robynn! Just wanted to make sure you got our email. I wasn't sure if your email address was spelled, well,... wrongly enough. :) Let us know.
    Wes and Kate

    1. OMiGoodness Wes and Kate! We have missed you guys so much! We haven't used that account of Zach's in forever. Will email you from Zach's new email. We just found your card with all your info the other day.