Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Weeks To Go

This last week has just flown by, I don't know how that happened. It feels like we have gotten so little accomplished. Zach says that's because we have.

We have two weeks exactly until we go to El Salvador. It feels like we need to pack up everything now, but we can't because, you know, we still need the stuff.
Since we are flying in a couple days early for the school, we have to find a hotel to stay at for a couple nights. Picking a hotel in a city you have never been to is so hard. Everything seems pretty close together, but that's what I thought when I picked the hotel we stayed at when we first got here, and that definitely wasn't the case.
Should we pick a hotel close to where the school is going to be, or one close to the English hall, since we will be going to the meeting on Sunday and Zach will be meeting there for service during the week while I'm busy.....I don't think it really matters since it's only for two days, but it feels like *such* an important decision.

I think I'm just pushing my anxiety about Pioneer School onto something I can control

We still have to clean the house before our party tomorrow. How a place so small can get so dirty, I do not know.

Kinda funny but sad story, there are certain things that I haven't missed much since we've been here. Certain entertainment, my high-tech fancified cell phone, the shiny computer that got stolen. Which is great, because it's always good to work on being non-materialistic. But the closer we get to going home, I'm starting to miss these things. I don't think we will be as into them as we were before, but it will be nice to feel connected to the world again. Cause, clearly, we are soooo far from civilization. At any rate, we will just be turning around and leaving again, so it's not like we will be able to form a new attachment to those things.

Just got a genius idea- maybe I can use my airline miles for a hotel....oooo, one with a bathtub!

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