Saturday, July 14, 2012


I guess I've been a little spacey lately, as there have been some questions about what on earth we are doing?

So, here's the lowdown for all my peeps. (I'm so not gangsta) Plus a little added info to show why it's so confusing.

We were supposed to stay in La Ceiba until Aug 19, then fly to Colorado. we have to be out of the country by Aug 19 because our visas expire THAT DAY and we don't particularly want to be deported. So, the plan was fly to Colo, we were gonna hang out in Colo for a while, then go to Cali for a couple months. Then it turned out that there was no one to pick us up at the airport on Aug 19, so we figured "hey, we are flexible" and booked a flight from Colo to Cali on Aug 20 to catch the District Convention out there and hang out in Cali then we would go home to Colo. It was a good plan.

Now we have Pioneer School, which is in El Salvador. School is the 6th-17th of August. Originally, we were going to send me by myself, so Zach could stay here in La Ceiba for the extra two weeks to go out in service  with our congregation, and to clean and pack our apartment. The problem with that, is School ends the 17th, I would have to catch a flight on the 18th to San Pedro Sula, and Zach would have to catch a bus up to SPS that same day to meet up with me- plus he would have all the bags by himself- we would have to spend the night in SPS and then leave bright and early the next day for Denver by way of Miami, then have a 12 hour layover in Denver and jet off to Los Angeles. This would be a long trip to put it mildly. Plus that puts me on my own for two weeks in a foreign country running around by myself to and from school. Not a good idea.

So....we cancelled all our plane tickets. That was actually kind of fun, we had used Airline Miles for all those flights, so my miles went from like 0 to Epic due to reimbursement and now we can use the miles to fly back down here.

Now, we are both going to El Salvador, Zach will hook up with an English Congregation there while I am at school, and from there we will be flying directly to Los Angeles, and even catching the last day of the District Assembly with Zach's parents. At this point, we will be with them an undetermined amount of time, because we even had to cancel the original return flight from LAX to DEN, and now we have to find a flight that can be booked with miles because of blackout dates and such. Not really worried, but as I mentioned in the previous post- I miss my bed. 

So, mostly straightened out. But figuring it all out gave me quite the headache. On the bright side, the next two months of our lives have a plan, so right now, I'm gonna hold tight, wait for the amazing blessing of Pioneer School, get to the Convention which we hear is awesome, and then I can freak out. Or not. Yeah, let's go with Not.

Ok, hope you are less confused!

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  1. Clear as mud!! Just kidding, makes perfect sense now, thanks. Enjoy your next two months, you have a great spiritual feast ahead of you both. The District Convention is amazing (as usual).