Friday, September 30, 2011

First Month of Pioneering

Well, my first month is over with in like 10 hours. I suppose it went pretty well. I'm going to be a little bit short, I didn't really understand how to schedule my time. But next month we are going to try to get more than 70 hours, so I'll get caught up. It'll really help that I have Zach kicking me out of bed every morning.

I only talked to four people all month, even though we did territory every day. I am absolutely amazed by that. Zach probably quadrupled the number of calls he has, I think he is going to do just fine.

Sooooo ready to be in California, although I'm not sure how that will affect service time. Should be interesting at least.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going to California!

So we sold my car to Zach's sister Tiffiny. You know what that means...ROAD TRIP!!! I have been dying to go on a road trip for months now, so I can finally get it out of my system. Our good friend Sam is coming with us, and she has never been to California so this should be really fun. If nothing else, we will have someone else to drive while I sleep for 17 hours.

We leave Sunday or Monday and get back Saturday. Not sure when we should leave yet, because te first Nepali meeting in Denver is Sunday night and we can't miss that. I'll be sure to upload photos when we get back.

October is going to be really busy. First the trip out to Cali, then we get home Saturday and Grandma comes in on Wednesday for two weeks to pioneer with us.

I'm exhausted already.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving Ahead

Well, it's been exactly a week and no job offers yet. Not like we could really expect something that soon.
We did, however, sell my car, so that's progress. Zach's sister is buying it so we are driving out to California Monday to hand it over. We will get to spend about a week with the family which is really nice.

We have been working on a debt consolidation loan for a while now, it finally got closed on today which is a relief. This really helps our finances, we have an end goal in site for having our debt completely paid off, with less of a payment that we were making- which is a huge help to our current sad little budget.

I have to say, with all the ups and downs Zach and I have gone through financially since being married, I am getting quite good at this. Maybe I should try to become a CFA or CPA or whatever it's called. But first, does anyone want any advice? I'm sure I could be of some use to one or two of you...

Come on, you know you wanna try it..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zach started a study!

So we went out in service today, like everyday now. Zach had a gentleman to call back on today that he met last Saturday. He was there for about half an hour, placed the Bible Teach book and went over the first three paragraphs for chapter 8. He is supposed to go back next week to consider more of the chapter.
Sounds like a doorstep study for now, but very exciting. Now it's my turn.

I'm debating on a very straight forward presentation, just asking if they would like a study. Has anyone had success with that?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Not Stressing At All

It has been so nice going out in service with Zach the past two days. We hardly ever get to go together. I've been studying his technique and basically it seems to be "don't take no for an answer" but of course he is polite about it.

Had an interesting experience yesterday. We went to speak with a gentleman outside his house and he spoke spanish. Well, right as he was telling us that, the other sisters in our group walked by and one said "Hey, do you need a spanish magazine?" Boy was that perfect timing. The man took it and we will be turning the call over to the spanish congregation. After that door, we stopped and talked to the other sisters. It turns out the one has never used the "Good News for all Nations" book. So Zach showed her how to use it and let her borrow it. She ended up using the book at the very next house!

Hoping to sell my car today. That should get us by until Zach gets a job. If he gets a job soon, we will have a nice savings for Honduras. I'm gonna miss my car, but really, if we are pioneering together, we don't need two cars. All about the simplifying...And we know Jehovah will take care of us.

Until Next Time....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome to our webpage

Getting tired of all that Facebook drama, so now we have a dedicated page where people can see what's going on with us, and share what's going on with them.

To start off, We have recently been approved as regular pioneers. This will be my first time, and Zach's second. So I get to go to pioneer school next year!!! Very Exciting.

You know, we have always thought about pioneering together someday, but circumstances can change so quickly. Who knew SomeDay would be Today?

Even though Z doesn't have a job right now, we have faith that it will all work out. We're looking for something part time so we can still pay our bills but have plenty of time to pioneer together. This especially will train us for our larger goal of moving where the need is great. We're going to have to have a reduced budget and pio together whereever we go. So why not start practicing for it early?

I hear Jah blesses those who put him first and rely on him. We should all turn to him when we are in moments of seeming distress.He really will take the load of your shoulders and bring them onto his.
Right now, I could be totally freaking out about what's going to happen. But I ain't worried at all. As far as I'm concerned, Z and I are going out in service tomorrow and what ever happens after that- we will deal with it then.

Hoping to have some good experiences to share next time.