Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So today was so busy, I don't even remember yesterday. I think we went out in service and went to the store, but it's all running together.
Today was hilarious. We worked in service all day, I had a total freak out at a call, but got a study out of it, so I guess it wasn't that bad. We are going back Sunday to start the BT book.
We both have been having word slips, I asked someone (in spanish) if they spoke spanish, instead of asking if they spoke english. Zach keeps using Nepali words, instead of saying "permiso" (excuse me) he says "parmeswar" (god) What's really sad is people seem to understand him most the time.
We walked all over town today exploring while we were doing street work. A man came up to Zach and asked him for the magazines and his phone number, so he can call Zach and have him come read the Bible to him. That doesn't happen in the States.
Then we got on the bus....Kate said it was going to our Barrio, and it did....eventually. We took a really nice tour of the far side of town first. We were the last people on the bus a few times, and the driver kept asking us where we wanted to go, then laughing. While we were driving through one area, a little girl was standing on the street, about to throw something at the bus, when she saw us- white people!- she froze, and was literally gaping at us. It was really funny. I guess not too many tourists go to that area. So the bus kept driving, and kept driving, then ends up back at the bus depot, where our driver got off and got food. We got a new driver, and *finally* headed to the right part of town. We had told him we wanted to go to La Julia, so we get there are he starts yelling at us to get off the bus. Well, no, we actually wanted La Isla, so fine, fine, he starts taking us there, asking us directions the entire way. I think he would have driven us up to our doorstep had we asked, he was just so desperate to get us off the bus. The other touristy-looking person on the bus was getting involved, trying to translate for us. It was quite the mess. But we got back and still made it to meeting on time, which was quite the shocker. The bus ride was only like an hour, when it should have been 5 minutes, or a 15 minute walk.

Tonight was my first meeting, Zach already went on Sunday. It was nice to meet the rest of the congregation, they were very welcoming. There were only 20 people there tonight, and in about 2 months it will be even smaller. About half of the congregation is going back to the States. That will be really weird. I already feel close to these friends, even though we have only known each other for less than a week.

It's super late here, so I won't write anymore, but we have a lot of pictures to add. I'll try to do those tomorrow, before we move. One step closer to our apartment!

It's amazing what you can do in a day. All day long we were saying "O we have to add this to the blog" but now I can't remember half of it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

We need to learn spanish!

Today was an adventure. We went out to town to do some errands, which was fine until we went looking for a specialty item. We ended up walking down the main drag and stopping at nearly every store to ask if they had it. FINALLY, someone knew where we could get the item. Thankfully, they wrote down the name of the shop so we could show it to the taxi driver to get there. We found exactly what we needed, which was great, but then we had to take a taxi home. That's when the trouble began. We got about 2 minutes down the road, when we realized we forgot our umbrella at the shop. So we told the driver "take us back"- he didn't get it. We told him the name of the place- he didn't get it. We told him the name of the restaurant next door- still no luck. We showed him the paper with the info- he took us downtown. We pulled out our phrasebook and started telling him we forgot something and go back, STILL didn't get it. We ended up using hand signals and directing him back to this place we had only been to once. How we got there again, I don't know. On the bright side the umbrella was still there.
Then we had him take us back to the hotel. We told him "Pollo Norteno" which means the North Chicken Factory. That's right, our hotel is next to a chicken factory. No, it doesn't smell. So where does he take us? To a pulperia downtown. So we told him, "no, aeropuerto, aeropuerto" then he tried to go further into town- cause you know, that's where the airport is. So Zach's giving him directions AGAIN. Why doesn't the cabbie know his own town? I'm so glad we've done all this driving around already- we woulda been hopeless today.
Finally he got it and took us to the right place. But of course, with all that extra driving around, he wants more money. I know it's only like a buck US, but that hurt!
So the point of all this is that we need to learn better spanish. Phrasebooks are only so good, ya  know?

It's funny how we have already gotten used to the prices here. When we go food shopping, it's not "o this is only 50 cents" it's "why is this 20 lemps more, let's get the cheap one" I did splurge today though, I got the jar of Prego pasta sauce instead of the baggie of no name sauce. I bet it'll taste the same though, and then I'll feel stupid.

Right now we're eating a fresh pineapple we got at the market. Fruit here is waaaaaay better than at home, since it's picked like 2 miles away. Of course, at home we don't have to soak everything in a bleach wash. Ah well, small sacrifices. Zach has a new favorite drink "guanabana." Not only does it taste good, but it's fun to say! I made up a little song for it, but if I don't sing it you won't understand, so sorry, you don't get to know what it is. My song isn't very good anyway.

Ok, bye for now.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was our first day out in service. It was hard getting to the meeting at 815, especially since the hall is on the other side of town. We worked with the same people we hung out with yesterday, Peter, Wes and Kate. Peter has been here for two years, Wes and Kate for six weeks. All of them seem to be pretty fluent in Spanish, which is good because you spend the majority of time in service talking to Spanish speaking people. I just stand there and nod.
We go to every door, except each house has a locked fence that the house sits back from, so what you do is yell "Buenas" and bang on the gate to see if anyone will come. If they come out you ask, in Spanish, if anyone in the house speaks English. If not, you say "Gracias" and keep going, if they do, you get to talk to them for like 20 minutes and read a couple scriptures. That's really amazing, everyone is interested.
Zach already has two studies set up for tomorrow. He was working with Peter, and Peter would ask if the person spoke English. When they said yes, he pretty much said "good, this guy wants to talk to you" and walked off. It was really funny. Worked out great too.

When we first got here, everyone I saw was carrying an umbrella. I thought "wow it rains a lot!!" but no. It's so sunny that they carry umbrellas to block out the sun. Boy did that come in handy today. I hope we will get used to the heat. Everyone says it is going to get worse in the next couple months, so there's that to look forward to.

The worst thing about this place seems to be that Hulu and Pandora are blocked. That's right, no TV and no music. But hey, if that's all I can complain about, I think we're doing pretty good!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Ok, I think I finally figured out how y'all can comment on here. At the very end of the post there will be something that says "0 Comments" Click on that, it will refresh the page, and when you scroll down again, there will be a comment box for you to add to. I just tried it myself and it seems to work.

Hope that helps!

We're HERE!!!

Where to begin? The last two days have been so full and amazing. We absolutely love it so far. This is going to be a really, really long post, so be prepared.

We had good flights. Denver to Miami wasn't too exciting, and we had a really long layover in Miami. Zach wants me to let everyone know that we had breakfast at a sushi restaurant, but we didn't eat sushi. It was kind of strange.
The flight from Miami to San Pedro Sula was great. We were about 10 minutes into the flight when the girl sitting next to me pulls out a spanish Watchtower. We started talking to her and it turns out she is a sister from Long Beach, California. It was so nice having someone to talk to on the ride. Her dad is Honduran, so she's been here before and was able to tell us about it. It was great making a new friend, such a small world! Here's a picture of us with Jenine.

When we got to San Pedro, we accidentally left a bag on the plane. Thus, we got to experience our first bit of Honduran....difficulty is the best word I guess. We couldn't go back through security, so Zach talked to someone who said they would get the bag and bring it to us. We go through customs, which took FOREVER, and still no bag. We collect our other bags with a porter, and try to find someone who speaks english to ask about the situation. They direct us to a help desk, which has Zach waiting around for about 20 minutes all while I watch the bags and have to explain in horrible spanish to the porter what's going on. Finally, they tell Zach "O, you have to go outside and it will be at another helpdesk." So we head out, and there is someone right there who has been waiting for us the entire time with our bag. Why they didn't just tell us that right away, I don't know. It was really frustrating, but at least everything turned out ok.

We had a 3 hour drive to La Ceiba, our final destination. We were starved so our driver took us to a local restaurant where we had our first taste of Honduran food. It was delicious! The drive down here was incredible, everything was so green and there were so many interesting things to see. At one point, we saw a building that was very....resourceful. They had two schoolbuses attached as hallways, and one of the buses was at least 20 feet up in the air! How they got it there, I do not know.
All along the way, there were animals right on the road, and little kids running alongside it. If someone were to do that back home, they'd get hit, but here the drivers (although crazy) are very careful and there seems to hardly be any accidents.
We also stopped at a gas station on the way, and it totally made my day. They carry this energy drink that I love everywhere down here, but I haven't been able to get it in the States for years. This may be the reason I was up all night.....

La Ceiba is named after the Ceiba tree, which is a relative of the African Baobab. What this means is there are random trees that look like they belong in the Saharan plains, with lions hanging out on them. Other than that, the mountains look like a regular jungle. Haven't seen any monkeys or pink snakes yet though.

Our hotel is pretty nice, we have a little kitchenette, so Zach is burning dinner while I write this. I'm so thrilled the place has air conditioning, but the power will be off all day Sunday, so that should be fun.

The money here is really pretty. The new 20 and 100 lempira bills are made of some sort of thin plastic, and they have little emblems that you can see through.

Today we got up and went into town to explore. We started at the local "mega" mall and hit a couple of stores for some supplies. We got a new cell phone for down here, and no you can't have the number because it's prepaid and right now only accepts calls from people who have the same provider. The phone and minutes were only $20, it was crazy cheap. After that we decided to look for a supermarket, so we walked and walked and walked around the block, only end up in a store that was attached to the mall that we had completely missed. While we were in the store, our new phone rings. Odd, since we hadn't met anyone to give the number to. So Zach calls back, guess who it is?

A Brother from our new congregation. Apparently, they had been looking for us since last night. We had given our info to a brother, but I guess he was out of town and hadn't given it to anyone else. So last night they went to like 20 different hotels looking for us. Then this morning, they found out which hotel we were at, so they drove there, but just missed us. They manager told them we were going to the mall, and likely to Radio Shack, so they drove there. Radio Shack told them we went to Tigo (the cell phone store) so they go there, and the Tigo employees pull out all the info we had given them, show the brothers a picture of Zach's drivers license so they know what we look like and then give them our cell phone number. This would never happen in the States with all the privacy laws. It was absolutely incredible how that all worked out!

SO..... instead of randomly walking around and getting lost, we got an awesome tour of the town from our new friends. We had a nice lunch, walked on the beach, drove all over- even into the mountains to see the river and waterfall. We drove by our Kingdom Hall and the one with the missionary home attached. We also drove by our new place, and it is in this amazingly nice neighborhood with mansions. Apparently, a brother and sister own the apartment complex, it's kind of like a boarding house, but there is a separate apartment that we will be moving into. Jehovah has really provided for us, and it was so encouraging to be with the brothers today.

Life down here really is different; Hondurans start their day early, so service starts earlier too. The meeting is at 815am everyday, and Sunday meeting is at 9am. That'll take a lot of getting used to. We are going out tomorrow morning, which I'm really excited about. Hopefully we will remember the directions to the hall. There aren't really addresses down here, so if the taxi driver doesn't know where the hall is, we might have a problem.

It will be easier when we live in town, because we are about a 10 minute walk from the hall. We will get soooooooo much exercise these next six months.

We went to the supermarket to pick up some basics for dinner tonight. Food here is really cheap, but we got some NASTY powdered potatoes so i guess we'll be eating at the hotel restaurant tonight.

Hope to have good experiences to write about tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well after four weeks of nonstop whining about how I want to pack but can't, we are finally done packing. Here's a picture of what we are taking.

Four very full medium sized suitcases that I pray will not be above the weight limit. We have already checked twice, and reshuffled things, I just don't think it's gonna get any better. We have two carry on suitcases, which is a result of overstuffing the first four, then we have my backpack and the laptop case with odds and ends we will need for the flight. How two people are going to wrangle eight awkward items through airports and customs and moving from one end of town to another, I do not know. But right now I'm trying to be as zen as possible about this whole thing, so I do not care. I will deal with that part tomorrow.

The enormity of what we are doing has finally hit me. We were at meeting last night, to say goodbye to everyone and I just couldn't do it. When I hugged my little brother I just started bawling, and that was it. So we didn't get to say goodbye to everyone. If you are reading this and I didn't talk to you, I'm really sorry and you will be missed greatly.

This time (1145am) tomorrow we will be on the plane from Miami to San Pedro Sula. Once we arrive, we have a 2.5 hour drive from the airport to La Ceiba, where we will be living. We are staying in a hotel for the first week, and they have wifi, so I will update as soon as I can. Hopefully with pictures.

For now, we're just hanging out trying to kill time until we go to the airport. I thought waiting 2 months to go was gonna take forever, it's nothing compared to how the next six hours are going to feel. I'm ready to go. This may be the craziest thing we've ever done, but if we rely on Jehovah, I know it's going to be ok.

Love to everyone

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Zach is totally awesome and bought me a great present for our trip. A PSP, just in case I get bored on the plane, or during the layover, or on the 2.5 hour ride from the airport to La Ceiba. I suppose it would also be good for the next six months or so while we are in Honduras. :)
At any rate, I am now totally addicted to this thing. I got a racing game and Little Big Planet, which makes me feel like a little kid. No wonder this game is so popular! I did manage to put it down long enough to start this post though.

Let's see, what's new? Zach got two really good calls in service this week. I was with him for one on Monday, a girl about our age comes to the door in her pajamas and automatically invites us in before we could even introduce ourselves. They had a good conversation about the Armageddon WT, and we made plans to go back today. She said she would be expecting us, which is a good sign. We also let her know that we would be moving so someone else would be calling on her, and she was ok with that. We took back another sister today to turn the call over to her, but the girl wasn't home. Hopefully the sister will catch her another time.

We've been doing a lot of cleaning, trying to make everything pretty so it's not completely nasty when we get home. We only have four days to finish everything, and we have company coming in for the week, so we have to hurry it up. Packing is almost done. Mostly we just have meeting books and our toothbrushes left. We won't be able to pack that stuff until Wednesday morning though.

We haven't heard from Bro Woodrow in Honduras, so I'm assuming we don't have talks next week. They will probably wait to get our cards, now that I'm thinking about it. I mean, I wouldn't put a random stranger on the school without SOME information from their brothers.

Anyway, gotta go run some errands now. Next update, we may be in Honduras!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cold Weather

When we woke up this morning, it was snowing. Isn't that a nice surprise... We went out in service anyway, but 10 degree temps are not fun. O well, I guess it's Colorado's way of making sure we are ready to leave. 11 days to go!
Of course, as soon as we were done with service and on our way home, the sun came out! Gotta love Colorado!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


I don't know why, but it seems like we aren't really excited yet. I mean, we are, but not at the level I think it should be. There's just so much going on still, and I think it doesn't feel real yet. It probably won't feel real until we get there. We only have 12 days left, so I'm hoping to lose some of the nervousness and start enjoying myself more. I know once we are in Honduras it will be amazing, but right now I'm just worried about everything that could go wrong.

The Circuit Overseer visit has gone really well. The talks have been very good, and the one at the pioneer meeting was exactly what I needed. I don't want to go into exact details, but it made me feel a lot better about things that concerned me. We got to work with the CO and his wife out in service yesterday, which was really nice. They had a lot of good recommendations for us for while we are gone.

It's been hitting me how much I'm going to miss everyone while we're gone. We've been trying to hang out with different ones so we can say goodbye, but most people have been busy, so it hasn't really worked out. It's just so hard to believe we won't see these people for six months or so.

Hopefully we'll be so busy the time will fly by. Not too much, because I want us to enjoy our time, but just fast enough to where we don't get super homesick. Although I think it might be too late for that....

I know some of you have been having trouble figuring out how to comment on here. I'm not 100% on this, but I think you have to become a follower to be able to comment. I believe you can do that by clicking the links under this post, or by clicking where it says "Followers" on the bar on the right-hand side. Hope that helps!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

18 Days

Time is really going fast. Thankfully there isn't really much to do, besides doctor appointments and service. Should be easy enough. We have CO visit next week, which will be awesome and really encouraging. We also will find out if I get to go to pioneer school this year, so I'm anxious about that. When we come home from Honduras depends on whether or not I go to school, so it's kind of important.

Right now my grandparents are visiting and tomorrow we are having a party. Well, we are supposed to have a party. It's been blizzarding all day so I don't know if people will even be able to get to the house. If you are reading this, please come-we bought a lot of food.

I'm getting excited about the District Convention this summer. I'm really curious where we will end up going. Since Honduras's circuit is three countries large, who knows how big the district is. Of course, we may end up going to one when we come back. Hmm, The Hindi convention could be fun.

Ah, too many choices. This living life on the fly is kinda fun. Now if I could just get some sleep.