Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was our first day out in service. It was hard getting to the meeting at 815, especially since the hall is on the other side of town. We worked with the same people we hung out with yesterday, Peter, Wes and Kate. Peter has been here for two years, Wes and Kate for six weeks. All of them seem to be pretty fluent in Spanish, which is good because you spend the majority of time in service talking to Spanish speaking people. I just stand there and nod.
We go to every door, except each house has a locked fence that the house sits back from, so what you do is yell "Buenas" and bang on the gate to see if anyone will come. If they come out you ask, in Spanish, if anyone in the house speaks English. If not, you say "Gracias" and keep going, if they do, you get to talk to them for like 20 minutes and read a couple scriptures. That's really amazing, everyone is interested.
Zach already has two studies set up for tomorrow. He was working with Peter, and Peter would ask if the person spoke English. When they said yes, he pretty much said "good, this guy wants to talk to you" and walked off. It was really funny. Worked out great too.

When we first got here, everyone I saw was carrying an umbrella. I thought "wow it rains a lot!!" but no. It's so sunny that they carry umbrellas to block out the sun. Boy did that come in handy today. I hope we will get used to the heat. Everyone says it is going to get worse in the next couple months, so there's that to look forward to.

The worst thing about this place seems to be that Hulu and Pandora are blocked. That's right, no TV and no music. But hey, if that's all I can complain about, I think we're doing pretty good!


  1. hey, exciting to read about everything. Amazing how the brother found you and the store gave him your new phone number. Love it! Cant believe Zach has two studies already. I pray they go well and are truly interested. May Jehovah continue to bless you and you keep up the excitement! Now go buy a good umbrella! :-)

    1. We actually brought one with us. But it's a RAIN umbrella so its not as thick. I got a sunburn out in svc. Oops

  2. If it's any consolation, we can't get Hulu up here in Canada either.

  3. We have to hope we can record it on our PVR from satellite