Friday, January 25, 2013

At Long Last

So, it only took six months or so, but I have finally finished my photo books of Honduras and El Salvador.

Here's the links if you want to take a look-see.


El Salvador:

Now if I could just finish our wedding album...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guess where I am!

Yes, that is actual snow on the ground. You know what that means. I'm back in Colorado. And it is FREEZING! This was an unexpected last minute trip, and has no end date yet. But that's ok, it's giving me a chance to see old friends. I've gotten to visit the old congregation twice so far; it has been so nice to see people. I feel really loved.
While here, I also have been doing some more purging, trying to simplify things. It's getting down to the hard stuff, since I've already purged so much on the last visits home. On the one hand, I highly doubt we will be using any of this stuff- I'm talking about you, favorite wool coat and popcorn maker- but on the other side, these are things we've invested time in and have good memories of (yes, I have good memories involving the popcorn maker) and we might have use for them if our plans don't work out to stay down south. Ah decisions. This is kind of like ripping off a bandaid. Anyway, if anyone needs household items, let me know. I'm sure I have something you might want.
Sentimental time! Here are some pictures of my nieces and nephew (you'll notice they posed so nicely for me), because I have a new camera. This one is waterproof so expect some awesome underwater photos from our next trip.

You might notice I haven't mentioned our current plans. That would be because we don't have any. Well, we have a purpose, but not a plan. Points to anyone who remembers the definition and difference between a purpose and a plan from that talk a few years ago.
We are trying to focus on certain goals, and that requires us to stay in one place for some time. We are hoping to be in El Salvador for the convention, so if you count backwards that puts us in Honduras...this summer? Hopefully sooner, but it all depends. I'm trying really hard not to stress about it, because I'm a planner. And my plans don't always work.
Plus, we still really need to learn Spanish. That might actually be the main delay. :) I think I will do anything to get out of learning that language, including learning a different one. Actually, there is a Chinese group in El Salvador, so we can always learn Mandarin. I think it would be hilarious to move to a Spanish speaking country and speak every language but Spanish. Hmm, there are a lot of Germans too....
I'm going to try to update more often, if interesting things happen. In the meantime, check out this sister's blog She lives in Nicaragua, and I've really enjoyed reading about her experiences.
Ok, that's all for now.