Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Where to begin?

So Zach's parents visited. They didn't die and I think they had fun, so success! And photos!

Honduran Car Alarm

Guys fishing off the remains of the old pier.

While they were here, we had the Assembly. For a change, it was at a Kingdom Hall. Only the Honduran congregations in the Circuit were assigned here, so we all fit. It was pretty fun, like just being at a long meeting in the States. 

Zach had a soliloquy. I think all those drama classes in school paid off.

So, they left. The family from New Zealand came later that week. Then a couple from Canada came the week after. The brother from LA got here yesterday, and the next family comes on Thursday. I think that's it for a little while. It's been really nice to have so many visitors. We have a very international congregation right now.

This picture was taken just three weeks ago and it's already outdated!

We had a really fun day in service today. The territory was beautiful, very green with great views. We were doing survey work and found a good number of English speakers in the area. My favorite door though was a Spanish one. There were three people sitting outside a house. Zach asked if they spoke English and they said no, but wanted the latest magazines. (This is why we always carry Spanish literature.) So Zach hands the first guy the magazines, the other guy stands up to get a set. Then he hands it to the woman and puts his hand out for another. They talked to us for a minute, and when we went to leave, the one man asked when we could come back. Aww! We told him we would get a brother in a Spanish congregation to come see him.

Then Zach was talking to a woman, with his limited Spanish and she asked how long he has lived here. When she found out how long, she asked why he couldn't speak better Spanish, then proceeded to tell him he needed to go to the Spanish congregation to learn, and listed off the different locations! Obviously, Witnesses are very well known in this area.

Okay, picture time. 

 We could see Roatan from the top of this hill. We waved to all you friends out there, did you see us?