Saturday, December 26, 2015

We're Back!

So, we have been home for about a month now. We've been really busy since, which is awesome, and means I have lots of photos for you.

Let's begin.

There have been some visitors to our congregation. They have been here since before we got back, so it kinda feels like we are newbies. There is a sister from South Africa, and a couple and a brother from Italy. Unfortunately, the other awesome people went home while we were gone, but it's nice to have new faces.

A family from Colorado came to visit for a week to check Ceiba out, and they are moving here mid next year, which is exciting. They went out in service with us a few days, and their youngest son (7) started TWO studies! Ok, he may have had some help...

We recently had the Circuit Overseer visit. We have a new CO, their last circuit was in Mexico and they started out as need-greaters themselves. It was really encouraging to spend time with them and hear their experiences.

The last couple of weeks we've been heading further out of town to see where there might be English speakers. We've gone towards two communities called Sambo Creek and Corozal. The people in these areas are mostly Garifuna, but we also found a number of English speakers.
One day we went to a call of Zach's and another brother was out at his car, when we came back he was surrounded by all the neighborhood children asking him for books. They actually started going through his literature box themselves to find ones. This brought over some adults, who then wanted books for themselves. Unfortunately, we didn't really have a lot of literature in the right language, so not all the kids got something and when we left a little boy was throwing a legit tantrum because he didn't get one. It was really sad and really cute at the same time. The best part though, was that Zach had to go back out there about an hour later, and a lot of the people were still sitting around the same area reading the literature. Sometimes you don't know if someone really wants what you are offering, or if they just want something because everyone else got one. So that was really nice to see.

Zach and I now have the privilege of working in maintenance at the Translation Office. We've really missed RBC (LDC) so this is fun. I've been going about once a week and his first day is Monday. It's nice to get to associate with Bethelites and lots of brothers and sisters from different areas on a regular basis. It's amazing to see how much work goes into everything so that our brothers can have publications in their own language. It really makes me appreciate everything so much more.

Ok, photos! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of these already, sorry.

It *may* have been raining a little this day. Or Manuel was still traumatized from being chased by geese, I don't know.

Our congregation as of last week. It's shrunk a little since. :(

Can you find Zach?

The view this afternoon.