Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So Zach's mom isn't coming to visit. Poo. We are still getting our computer this weekend though. A brother down here is going to the States so he is picking it up for us.

If anyone wants to come visit, there is a room right next to us that is really cheap. Just putting that out there. So, you know, Come Visit Us!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012


So short funny story related to the taxi problems in the last post.

We were walking from Burger King to the hall yesterday morning, when from behind us a horn starts blaring. Full on, non stop blaring. So we just ignore it like we usually do. It keeps going, and we see a white car pull up right next to us. So Zach got irritated, turns toward the car and yells NO! GO AWAY!!! then quickly follows that up with OMG I am so sorry Lorena! Turns out it was a sister on her way to meeting trying to get our attention to give us a ride. OOPS! Luckily she wasn´t offended, but it was really embarrassing all the same.
Lesson learned- be nice to the people you think are taxis.

On a high note, we should get our new computer this week. Zach´s mom Pam might come visit us to bring it down, we don´t know yet but I hope so. It would be a lot of fun.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Update- Taxis

So as we were walking to the mall today, I was wondering what to talk about, and I decided on taxis.
But before that, I´m going to tell you about the funny thing that just happened.

We were doing street work on our way here, so once inside the mall, Zach offered a tract to a man. As soon as he did that, we hear ´´brother!´´ this man and his wife approach us, and start using small english or spanish words, i couldn´t tell, then opens a little book to show us a tract in spanish. So we thought he was a spanish brother, but he kep speaking to us using halting english- Finally we figured it out and zach goes ´´รถ we speak english.´´ They looked so relieved. They are from Ohio and are here on vacation. They were looking for the Kingdom Hall yesterday but couldn´t find it, so we gave them directions to do a drive-by. It sounds like they plan to visit again, so now they will know where to go!
It was a nice little coincidence, and made me feel silly. We are so used to people speaking to us in spanish that we couldn´t tell when they speak english.

Anyway- TAXIS

I love taking taxis everywhere, mostly they are colder than the outside temp, and are much quicker than walking. Usually. The problem is, They honk. And there are about 3 taxis per person in La Ceiba, so that equals a lot of honking. Just how much? Well, they honk for everything. To let you know they are available, to get you to move, to get you to stay, to make the light turn green, to tell you the light has turned green, to say hi, I think even to accelerate and brake. True story- 3 cabs all in a row as we are walking down the street, 1st one honks, we wave him off. 2nd one sees this, thinks ´here´s my shot´and honks. We wave him off, 3rd one sees all this and honks as well. So we ignore him. He honks again, We shake our heads ´´no´´ and he stops, rolls down the window and asks if we need a taxi. Yes, clearly we do, what was I thinking?
There is a little stand in town where you can catch a taxi, you wait until there are enough people going the same direction to take a cab, and you all pay 20 lemps. This is supposed to be a special price somehow, but it´s really not cause most the time you can catch a cab off the street for the same price. Altho I did get ripped off the other day when I took a cab alone, so I don´t know....

I could go on about this for a while, but I don´t think you are really THAT interested...
So ciao for now

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You know, I could get used to service here. Sure it´s hot, but you get to tour the city and country, meet all sorts of interesting people, and walk off a LOT of calories. Today, one of the sisters told me ´´You sweat so much! that´s good, i wish i sweated like you´´ I´m still not sure if that was meant to be a compliment, lol

For some reason, service here is just easier. People are friendlier, and most will take something to read. I have had people tell me they are busy, but it´s really strange when they do, as compared to the States where everyone is busy.

I was on the bus today to get to a different territory, I offered the girl in front of me a tract, so the man sitting across from me asked for one. The man at the pulperia gave us a lecture about how we are in a spanish territory and should always carry spanish magazines with us even if we are in the english congregation. When in a taxi, the driver will see other Witnesses walking and pick them up, because ´they are your amigos.´

It is so encouraging to be here! It feels like we have been here forever, instead of only 3 weeks. And yet, I don´t think 6 months will be long enough.

So, today I will tell you about the Pulperia, since I have mentioned them in the past. On every block, there is a pulperia, or three. These are like mini convenience stores, where you can buy Coke, rice, laundry detergent, or just about anything else you want, but don´t want to walk to the real store for. Each pulperia is named after the owner, so you get names like ´pulperia diane´ or ´pulperia hugo y bonita´. There is even a Pulperia 3000, and one that sells Coke branded serving utensils. Yes Pam, if I can find the place again, I will buy them for you. We stop at the pulperia for what constititutes breaktime. You walk up to a little barred window, order what you want, pay a whopping 12 lempira- which is about 60 cents- and keep walking. Unless you ordered the glass bottle of coke, because they want the bottle back. Zach and I learned this after walking away and getting chased down by the same man who lectured us for not having magazines for him.
They are really quite handy, but sometimes I do miss real bottles of water, cause the bags are hard to drink out of. And I really miss getting to sit down and talk with the friends during break, but this way we cover so much more of the territory, which is good because there is a LOT of it.

Anyway, that´s all for now. Stay tunes for next time, when I will tell you more about Honduran life...or something

Monday, March 12, 2012


Boy do I wish I could post pictures right now! On thursday we went ziplining in the jungle, which was soooo much fun. A big group from the hall went with us, it was so funny hearing everyone´s screams going through the canopy. We didn´t see any monkeys though.
After ziplining, we went to a hot spring and had massages and mudbaths. I´m telling you, it was an excrutiating day.
On the way home, we were sitting in an open air truck and it started raining. So we pulled out our towels and used them as tents to cover everyone as we cowered under the seats. I´m sure it was funnier in person, but hopefully when I can post pics you will think it funny too.
Service has been good, I talked to an Israeli man the other day. I went through my presentation in spanish and he went ´´Eh, why do you want to speak to me in english.´´ he was really surprised. But we had a nice conversation and I invited him to the meeting, he said he never turns down an invitation to temple, so we shall see.

This morning we were walking to town and right in the middle of the street was two little boys, one of them was stuck to his bicycle. He didn´t tie his shoe lace so it got all tangled up. So we sat there and helped him get free, thankfully it wasn´t a busy street.

Things have been going really well, I don´t feel nearly as sick as I did in Colorado and it has only been two weeks. Hopefully there will be more improvement.

Thanks to all for your encouraging messages and emails!

Robynn n Zach

Monday, March 5, 2012


All is well. I´m using a computer at an internet cafe. Here´s what you missed over the weekend, but without pictures.

We went to Pizza Hut today. OMG it´s an actual sit down restaurant with a salad bar and pastas and waaaaay more menu items than one back home. I see now why people dress up to go there. I felt super undressed and out of place. Oops

Friday we went to the beach in Tela with a group from the congregation. We had a lot of fun and lunch was an experience. Pretty much everyone ordered whole fried fish, which came intact, eyes and all, and completely grossed me out. Poor Diane ordered the seafood soup, it came with a whole fish just sitting in it. She finally got used to that, and out pops a whole crab!
We took the "chicken bus" there, so a 45 minute route took about 2.5 hours, since we stopped at every light post along the way. On the bright side, I got to watch a ton of reggaetone and latin music videos and can now recognize some music.
Zach and I got super burnt at the beach, I can still hardly walk or move. We used sunscreen, but obviously not enough.
Saturday we got moved into our apartment. It´s really cute, and small, about the size of a studio. But it opens out to a HUGE porch that we can use for parties. I´m excited about that. The apartment is perfect for us, and it´s nice to have a real kitchen to cook again. I went to town at the grocery store, stocking up. When I can post pictures I will, but I don´t know how long that will be.

Sunday was meeting and service, and the afternoon was not pleasant as most of you know by now, but we are trying to make the best of the situation. I am frightened, but the important thing is that it was only a material loss, and that can be replaced. Just, not here in Honduras. We already looked.
We are trying to not let this derail us, but it is hard not be discouraged. I just didn´t think something like this would happen so soon after arriving, and certainly not so close to home in broad daylight. But we will get back out in service tomorrow and hopefully it will get better from there.

If anyone was thinking of visiting, we would still love to have you come. We don´t have room in our studio, but there´s a couple places nearby that are really cheap, and there´s a room on the same property that can be reserved as well. Just send me an email if you are interested. Also, you can text me at 504-9828-1392. It´s a Honduran number, I´m not sure if you need to put anything in front of the number to send it from the US or Canada.

Bye for now

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bad News

Hello All

We are both ok, but I probably won't be able to post for a while. Unfortunately we had a scary experience today, and lost our computer as a result of it. A friend is being kind enough to let us borrow his tonight, but it likely will be a while before we have access again. When I do, I will update y'all on everything. We have had lots of good experiences as well.

Jehovah continues to provide for us, and keep us safe.

Robynn and Zach

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Kingdom Hall

here are pictures of our kingdom hall. the language that is not english or spanish is Garifuna. It's a small hall, the water doesn't work all the time, and we just got lights in the bathrooms this week. very exciting!


 zach and his bag of water. costs 2 lemps or 10 cents. very refreshing out in service.
 this is kate, our new friend
 its a parrot, thats pretty much it
 this is a hole in river rock, i just like the colors of the stone.
 my feet, so abused and icky looking from bug bites. no tan yet!
 check out the crazy steering wheel, it isn't a complete circle
 zach ordered an unknown dish for lunch. it ended up being chili cheese covered plaintains- actually pretty good.
 this is a shot of the bus dept from inside the bus. there are vendors who will actually get on the bus trying to sell items
th beach midday, looks peaceful no? just dont go swimming!