Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bad News

Hello All

We are both ok, but I probably won't be able to post for a while. Unfortunately we had a scary experience today, and lost our computer as a result of it. A friend is being kind enough to let us borrow his tonight, but it likely will be a while before we have access again. When I do, I will update y'all on everything. We have had lots of good experiences as well.

Jehovah continues to provide for us, and keep us safe.

Robynn and Zach


  1. Sorry to hear you had scary news. I assume you had a break-in and items stolen. We've experienced similar, no break-in to the house, but at least twice a year, they like to steal our electrical wiring to sell the copper, so we're left in the dark for a few days, sometimes a week because everything is done on "manana" time and so we have to wait for them to decide to replace the wiring. At first it was nerve-racking, but now we view it as part of the experience. What can you do? But good experiences for outweigh the minor hiccups.😊