Monday, March 19, 2012

Update- Taxis

So as we were walking to the mall today, I was wondering what to talk about, and I decided on taxis.
But before that, I´m going to tell you about the funny thing that just happened.

We were doing street work on our way here, so once inside the mall, Zach offered a tract to a man. As soon as he did that, we hear ´´brother!´´ this man and his wife approach us, and start using small english or spanish words, i couldn´t tell, then opens a little book to show us a tract in spanish. So we thought he was a spanish brother, but he kep speaking to us using halting english- Finally we figured it out and zach goes ´´ö we speak english.´´ They looked so relieved. They are from Ohio and are here on vacation. They were looking for the Kingdom Hall yesterday but couldn´t find it, so we gave them directions to do a drive-by. It sounds like they plan to visit again, so now they will know where to go!
It was a nice little coincidence, and made me feel silly. We are so used to people speaking to us in spanish that we couldn´t tell when they speak english.

Anyway- TAXIS

I love taking taxis everywhere, mostly they are colder than the outside temp, and are much quicker than walking. Usually. The problem is, They honk. And there are about 3 taxis per person in La Ceiba, so that equals a lot of honking. Just how much? Well, they honk for everything. To let you know they are available, to get you to move, to get you to stay, to make the light turn green, to tell you the light has turned green, to say hi, I think even to accelerate and brake. True story- 3 cabs all in a row as we are walking down the street, 1st one honks, we wave him off. 2nd one sees this, thinks ´here´s my shot´and honks. We wave him off, 3rd one sees all this and honks as well. So we ignore him. He honks again, We shake our heads ´´no´´ and he stops, rolls down the window and asks if we need a taxi. Yes, clearly we do, what was I thinking?
There is a little stand in town where you can catch a taxi, you wait until there are enough people going the same direction to take a cab, and you all pay 20 lemps. This is supposed to be a special price somehow, but it´s really not cause most the time you can catch a cab off the street for the same price. Altho I did get ripped off the other day when I took a cab alone, so I don´t know....

I could go on about this for a while, but I don´t think you are really THAT interested...
So ciao for now


  1. Yes I was interested. I want to know how you were ripped off!

    1. It wasn't really much of a rip off, i guess. only by .50 cents. my friend flagged down the cab and then only i hopped in, so he was either mad cause he only had one passenger, or it was cause we flagged him down and he had to come to a side street, but i dont really know. I stared him down and asked him why, but i dont understand spanish so it didnt do much good....