Monday, March 26, 2012


So short funny story related to the taxi problems in the last post.

We were walking from Burger King to the hall yesterday morning, when from behind us a horn starts blaring. Full on, non stop blaring. So we just ignore it like we usually do. It keeps going, and we see a white car pull up right next to us. So Zach got irritated, turns toward the car and yells NO! GO AWAY!!! then quickly follows that up with OMG I am so sorry Lorena! Turns out it was a sister on her way to meeting trying to get our attention to give us a ride. OOPS! Luckily she wasn´t offended, but it was really embarrassing all the same.
Lesson learned- be nice to the people you think are taxis.

On a high note, we should get our new computer this week. Zach´s mom Pam might come visit us to bring it down, we don´t know yet but I hope so. It would be a lot of fun.

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