Thursday, March 15, 2012

You know, I could get used to service here. Sure it´s hot, but you get to tour the city and country, meet all sorts of interesting people, and walk off a LOT of calories. Today, one of the sisters told me ´´You sweat so much! that´s good, i wish i sweated like you´´ I´m still not sure if that was meant to be a compliment, lol

For some reason, service here is just easier. People are friendlier, and most will take something to read. I have had people tell me they are busy, but it´s really strange when they do, as compared to the States where everyone is busy.

I was on the bus today to get to a different territory, I offered the girl in front of me a tract, so the man sitting across from me asked for one. The man at the pulperia gave us a lecture about how we are in a spanish territory and should always carry spanish magazines with us even if we are in the english congregation. When in a taxi, the driver will see other Witnesses walking and pick them up, because ´they are your amigos.´

It is so encouraging to be here! It feels like we have been here forever, instead of only 3 weeks. And yet, I don´t think 6 months will be long enough.

So, today I will tell you about the Pulperia, since I have mentioned them in the past. On every block, there is a pulperia, or three. These are like mini convenience stores, where you can buy Coke, rice, laundry detergent, or just about anything else you want, but don´t want to walk to the real store for. Each pulperia is named after the owner, so you get names like ´pulperia diane´ or ´pulperia hugo y bonita´. There is even a Pulperia 3000, and one that sells Coke branded serving utensils. Yes Pam, if I can find the place again, I will buy them for you. We stop at the pulperia for what constititutes breaktime. You walk up to a little barred window, order what you want, pay a whopping 12 lempira- which is about 60 cents- and keep walking. Unless you ordered the glass bottle of coke, because they want the bottle back. Zach and I learned this after walking away and getting chased down by the same man who lectured us for not having magazines for him.
They are really quite handy, but sometimes I do miss real bottles of water, cause the bags are hard to drink out of. And I really miss getting to sit down and talk with the friends during break, but this way we cover so much more of the territory, which is good because there is a LOT of it.

Anyway, that´s all for now. Stay tunes for next time, when I will tell you more about Honduran life...or something


  1. Sounds fun, funny and productive all at the same time! It's so odd that they want the glass bottle back, do they just re-use it for the next customer or want to recycle it for dinero?...oops, I mean, lempira. Hope they sterilize it before recycling - uh, that is if they reuse it with the next customer - lol. Well, hope you didn't lose your camera, but I don't think so since it sounded like you got pictures after ziplining. Do you still get charged minutes for text messages or is it ok to text you now?
    Talk to you soon, hope to hear more great experiences!

  2. I think they give the bottle back to the bottling company to reuse. At least, I hope so. They always open the bottle in front of you, so I know it´s fresh