Monday, March 12, 2012


Boy do I wish I could post pictures right now! On thursday we went ziplining in the jungle, which was soooo much fun. A big group from the hall went with us, it was so funny hearing everyone´s screams going through the canopy. We didn´t see any monkeys though.
After ziplining, we went to a hot spring and had massages and mudbaths. I´m telling you, it was an excrutiating day.
On the way home, we were sitting in an open air truck and it started raining. So we pulled out our towels and used them as tents to cover everyone as we cowered under the seats. I´m sure it was funnier in person, but hopefully when I can post pics you will think it funny too.
Service has been good, I talked to an Israeli man the other day. I went through my presentation in spanish and he went ´´Eh, why do you want to speak to me in english.´´ he was really surprised. But we had a nice conversation and I invited him to the meeting, he said he never turns down an invitation to temple, so we shall see.

This morning we were walking to town and right in the middle of the street was two little boys, one of them was stuck to his bicycle. He didn´t tie his shoe lace so it got all tangled up. So we sat there and helped him get free, thankfully it wasn´t a busy street.

Things have been going really well, I don´t feel nearly as sick as I did in Colorado and it has only been two weeks. Hopefully there will be more improvement.

Thanks to all for your encouraging messages and emails!

Robynn n Zach

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. Amazing how our bodies react to weather and barometric atmosphere!
    So how are Zach's original calls that he found? Are they studying and continuing their interest? Craig says he didn't think you guys went there to have so much fun. :-)