Monday, March 5, 2012


All is well. I´m using a computer at an internet cafe. Here´s what you missed over the weekend, but without pictures.

We went to Pizza Hut today. OMG it´s an actual sit down restaurant with a salad bar and pastas and waaaaay more menu items than one back home. I see now why people dress up to go there. I felt super undressed and out of place. Oops

Friday we went to the beach in Tela with a group from the congregation. We had a lot of fun and lunch was an experience. Pretty much everyone ordered whole fried fish, which came intact, eyes and all, and completely grossed me out. Poor Diane ordered the seafood soup, it came with a whole fish just sitting in it. She finally got used to that, and out pops a whole crab!
We took the "chicken bus" there, so a 45 minute route took about 2.5 hours, since we stopped at every light post along the way. On the bright side, I got to watch a ton of reggaetone and latin music videos and can now recognize some music.
Zach and I got super burnt at the beach, I can still hardly walk or move. We used sunscreen, but obviously not enough.
Saturday we got moved into our apartment. It´s really cute, and small, about the size of a studio. But it opens out to a HUGE porch that we can use for parties. I´m excited about that. The apartment is perfect for us, and it´s nice to have a real kitchen to cook again. I went to town at the grocery store, stocking up. When I can post pictures I will, but I don´t know how long that will be.

Sunday was meeting and service, and the afternoon was not pleasant as most of you know by now, but we are trying to make the best of the situation. I am frightened, but the important thing is that it was only a material loss, and that can be replaced. Just, not here in Honduras. We already looked.
We are trying to not let this derail us, but it is hard not be discouraged. I just didn´t think something like this would happen so soon after arriving, and certainly not so close to home in broad daylight. But we will get back out in service tomorrow and hopefully it will get better from there.

If anyone was thinking of visiting, we would still love to have you come. We don´t have room in our studio, but there´s a couple places nearby that are really cheap, and there´s a room on the same property that can be reserved as well. Just send me an email if you are interested. Also, you can text me at 504-9828-1392. It´s a Honduran number, I´m not sure if you need to put anything in front of the number to send it from the US or Canada.

Bye for now

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  1. Being closer to the equator, you might need to look into a stronger sunscreen. Or just always have your umbrella with you, even when going to the store.