Saturday, February 4, 2012

18 Days

Time is really going fast. Thankfully there isn't really much to do, besides doctor appointments and service. Should be easy enough. We have CO visit next week, which will be awesome and really encouraging. We also will find out if I get to go to pioneer school this year, so I'm anxious about that. When we come home from Honduras depends on whether or not I go to school, so it's kind of important.

Right now my grandparents are visiting and tomorrow we are having a party. Well, we are supposed to have a party. It's been blizzarding all day so I don't know if people will even be able to get to the house. If you are reading this, please come-we bought a lot of food.

I'm getting excited about the District Convention this summer. I'm really curious where we will end up going. Since Honduras's circuit is three countries large, who knows how big the district is. Of course, we may end up going to one when we come back. Hmm, The Hindi convention could be fun.

Ah, too many choices. This living life on the fly is kinda fun. Now if I could just get some sleep.

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