Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So today was so busy, I don't even remember yesterday. I think we went out in service and went to the store, but it's all running together.
Today was hilarious. We worked in service all day, I had a total freak out at a call, but got a study out of it, so I guess it wasn't that bad. We are going back Sunday to start the BT book.
We both have been having word slips, I asked someone (in spanish) if they spoke spanish, instead of asking if they spoke english. Zach keeps using Nepali words, instead of saying "permiso" (excuse me) he says "parmeswar" (god) What's really sad is people seem to understand him most the time.
We walked all over town today exploring while we were doing street work. A man came up to Zach and asked him for the magazines and his phone number, so he can call Zach and have him come read the Bible to him. That doesn't happen in the States.
Then we got on the bus....Kate said it was going to our Barrio, and it did....eventually. We took a really nice tour of the far side of town first. We were the last people on the bus a few times, and the driver kept asking us where we wanted to go, then laughing. While we were driving through one area, a little girl was standing on the street, about to throw something at the bus, when she saw us- white people!- she froze, and was literally gaping at us. It was really funny. I guess not too many tourists go to that area. So the bus kept driving, and kept driving, then ends up back at the bus depot, where our driver got off and got food. We got a new driver, and *finally* headed to the right part of town. We had told him we wanted to go to La Julia, so we get there are he starts yelling at us to get off the bus. Well, no, we actually wanted La Isla, so fine, fine, he starts taking us there, asking us directions the entire way. I think he would have driven us up to our doorstep had we asked, he was just so desperate to get us off the bus. The other touristy-looking person on the bus was getting involved, trying to translate for us. It was quite the mess. But we got back and still made it to meeting on time, which was quite the shocker. The bus ride was only like an hour, when it should have been 5 minutes, or a 15 minute walk.

Tonight was my first meeting, Zach already went on Sunday. It was nice to meet the rest of the congregation, they were very welcoming. There were only 20 people there tonight, and in about 2 months it will be even smaller. About half of the congregation is going back to the States. That will be really weird. I already feel close to these friends, even though we have only known each other for less than a week.

It's super late here, so I won't write anymore, but we have a lot of pictures to add. I'll try to do those tomorrow, before we move. One step closer to our apartment!

It's amazing what you can do in a day. All day long we were saying "O we have to add this to the blog" but now I can't remember half of it.

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  1. Wow what an amazing day! So many fabulous experiences in just one week. Your writing style is keeping us and ones at the office in stitches. A great way to informal witness.