Friday, September 23, 2011

Not Stressing At All

It has been so nice going out in service with Zach the past two days. We hardly ever get to go together. I've been studying his technique and basically it seems to be "don't take no for an answer" but of course he is polite about it.

Had an interesting experience yesterday. We went to speak with a gentleman outside his house and he spoke spanish. Well, right as he was telling us that, the other sisters in our group walked by and one said "Hey, do you need a spanish magazine?" Boy was that perfect timing. The man took it and we will be turning the call over to the spanish congregation. After that door, we stopped and talked to the other sisters. It turns out the one has never used the "Good News for all Nations" book. So Zach showed her how to use it and let her borrow it. She ended up using the book at the very next house!

Hoping to sell my car today. That should get us by until Zach gets a job. If he gets a job soon, we will have a nice savings for Honduras. I'm gonna miss my car, but really, if we are pioneering together, we don't need two cars. All about the simplifying...And we know Jehovah will take care of us.

Until Next Time....

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