Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going to California!

So we sold my car to Zach's sister Tiffiny. You know what that means...ROAD TRIP!!! I have been dying to go on a road trip for months now, so I can finally get it out of my system. Our good friend Sam is coming with us, and she has never been to California so this should be really fun. If nothing else, we will have someone else to drive while I sleep for 17 hours.

We leave Sunday or Monday and get back Saturday. Not sure when we should leave yet, because te first Nepali meeting in Denver is Sunday night and we can't miss that. I'll be sure to upload photos when we get back.

October is going to be really busy. First the trip out to Cali, then we get home Saturday and Grandma comes in on Wednesday for two weeks to pioneer with us.

I'm exhausted already.

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