Friday, July 13, 2012

Been feeling a little weird lately. I think it's because we are almost at the end of our trip and will soon be back home. We put in our notice at our apartment that we are leaving sooner, and we are planning a get-together for the congregation before we leave. Everything just has this air of finality, but there isn't really a reason for it.

In some ways, it'll be nice to be home again (I miss my bed), but we don't really know what we are doing when we get home (I don't know when I will see my bed again), so that's a little frustrating. I'm a planner and we have no plans. I also don't do well when plans get interrupted (even for good reasons) so the last week of excitement has been a little more than my nerves can handle.

I know we want to come back here in December, but I've been reading about other places that friends are visiting, which gives me the travel bug. Maybe when we come back we can do a Pioneer Route and that'll take care of the wanderlust.

I'm not exactly sure what a "Pioneer Route" is, but it sounds similar to working unassigned territories back in the States, just for a longer period of time, and with more walking. I'm sure it would be interesting to do. From my understanding, it can get very rustic. And it would probably be good to learn Spanish.

That is a point of...well not exactly contention, but I don't know exactly. Learning Spanish. We know it is important to do, and we get tired of not understanding people or being understood. But we have survived this long with only a few major problems, so it's kind of like "O, we don't NEED to learn." Which is definitely the wrong attitude. I just feel like my brain completely shuts down every time I hear something other than English. Although that could be heat-related, my brain doesn't work so well when I hear English either. Alas, we will never be mistaken for locals at the rate we are going.

Speaking of hearing English though, comments and phone calls are always appreciated. So are visitors, but we know it's a little late for that- for this trip anyway. Unless you want to get on a plane tonight- we aren't doing anything tomorrow, so we could come pick you up at the airport. Just a thought.

22 days until El Salvador. I wonder what that will be like. Any advice? Like don't fall asleep in class after pulling an all-nighter studying? You know, helpful stuff. 

Ok, time to make dinner. You know, we are finally sick of spaghetti. Only problem is, that's all we have ingredients for. I can picture you all reading this and laughing at our predicament. Guess we're going shopping tomorrow.

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  1. Hi: I know the feeling of leaving but knowing you will be back helps a bit. I'm a bit confused, are you going back to the states? what's in El Salvador in 22 days? Is that where you're going to Pioneer School?

    Best advice for pioneer school I can give you, is to relax and enjoy it. Our CO said "no all night studying!" He was very firm about that. He said set a reasonable time to spend, do some in each assigned section and then go to bed and get a good sleep. If you don't you are a zombie the next day and "not good to anybody" as he put it. We also had our DO as our other instructor. Rob and I went together and it was an experience we will never forget. All 4 of our children also have attended in the past.

    Sorry for the rambling on, keep up the posts, I'm enjoying them immensely.