Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 10 Places to Eat in La Ceiba In No Particular Order

These are just a few of the places we like. There are more we haven’t been to, and a few that just don’t seem uniquely Honduran enough to mention, even though they are good. So this list is far from complete and there will probably be a Part 2 at some point. 

Pizza Hut-UniPlaza, El Centro and across from Mall Megaplaza. I know what you are thinking. You have a Pizza Hut at home, and you aren’t really that impressed with them. Well, it’s different here. Just try it.

Wings n Burgers- North of Uniplaza. This place has everything. St. Louis style ribs, Angus hamburgers, and the most beautiful Hot Dogs you will ever see. I swear, they are a work of art. Wings n Burgers looks like an ordinary fast food joint, but they have really yummy food and quality ingredients.

Latin Taste- Big Red Building on 15 Calle and 14 de Julio. Ok, you don’t actually eat here. This is a butcher shop owned by an Argentinian, or is it Chilean, man. He speaks English and smiles a lot, which makes the place a winner right away. But the service is always great, the prices are ridiculously low and the meat is really good. If you come in right after they get a delivery, you get to point to which part of the cow you want them to hack off for you. It’s pretty cool.

Pupusaria Universitaria- On 1 Calle, right by the beach and next to Immigration, 3 blocks east of the pier. Authentic food for super cheap. Pupusas are tortillas with cheese and pork or other various ingredients. For less than a dollar US, you can get a pupusa and Asian slaw. It’s a great little snack, or for five bucks you can make it into a full meal with drink and tip included. This is the first place we ate when we got here, and we've been going back ever since.

Dole’s Bakery-On 14 de Julio near the Puma gas station. They make the best oatmeal raisin cookies and cinnamon rolls here. Also, it’s owned by a brother. What’s not to like?

Super Jugos- Several stands inside Mall Megaplaza, Uniplaza, across from the mall and there's a drive-thru on 17 Calle and 14 de Julio. Smoothies extraordinaire. You can get just about anything in your smoothie- local fruits, granola, dairy, OJ, cocoa krispies, honey- provided they haven’t run out.  But if they have, never fear! There’s another one just down the street, or the helpful staff can tell you what you actually wanted but didn’t know existed until that moment. Try the manzana-sandia-naranja smoothie. It’s awesome. But my favorite is the banana-cocoa-miel mix.

The Little Italian Place next to the Puma Gas Station and a place called RAP- No one really knows what this place is called and it is nearly impossible to find unless you already know it’s there. But it’s owned by an Italian lady who gets food shipped directly from Europe. They make great pizzas and pastas, plus there is a pool you can swim in for an extra charge.

Golden Palace- In Mall Megaplaza Food Court and possibly an actual restaurant in El Centro. I was skeptical of trying Chinese food in a Latin American country that doesn’t even have authentic Mexican food, but I got a craving and boy was this place good, especially for food court dining. The Sweet n Sour Pork is a little fatty, but the wontons are absolutely delicious. The fried rice has chicken, shrimp and pork in it and you get enough to cover the entire plate. The helpings are super generous, for US $7 Zach and I shared a meal- rice, chow mien, wontons, 2 meat dishes and drinks.

El Pollo Rey- Across from Uniplaza. This place has whole rotisserie chicken for 100 Lempira. Considering an uncooked whole chicken costs that much at the market, it’s worth the extra walk to come here and get it all cleaned, cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Kibok Café- At the triangle where 8 Calle, 11 Calle and Ave. La Bastilla come together, across from the gas station. This is a nice little coffee shop not too far from the soccer stadium. They actually came and took my drink away from me to put more whipped cream on it, just because. They also serve hamburgers and tipico food. Zach once got fried chili cheese plantains here; you may remember that post from a couple months back.

I do have one dishonorable mention, which is so bad it's going on the Lonely Planet review site. I was so excited to try this place because everything I read about it was amazing. The restaurant is called "Expatriates Bar & Grill" and it is located on 12 Calle. It's a place that sounds from the name like it would cater to the foreigners living here, but the only good thing about this place is that they have free calls to the US and Canada, and now that we have a MagicJack so do we. (Come to our house to make your calls, we are more pleasant.) Other than that, the food sucks, the drinks are watered down and the service is non-existent. Honduras is not known for superb restaurant service, but this really takes the cake. But apparently they have live music and a lending library, which should somehow make up for everything else being horrendous. It doesn't. 

So don't go there, but definitely try all the other places I listed. Yes, even Pizza Hut.


  1. Haha the italian place is called Cafe Mediterraneo.. Just helping you out :)

  2. I also agree about expats. The place is really unprofessional.

  3. Cafecito right next door to wings & burgers has great coffee & pastrys. And it's so reasonably priced.