Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday Gathering

We got so caught up with Chariman Meow that we completely forgot to post about the party. Oops!

Almost everyone came, including two studies. We all sat out on the porch, which worked out fine until it started raining and the porch got a little flooded. So everyone just had to get a little cozy.

We played Sequence and sang Kingdom songs. That was fun, because we only had two songbooks, so we got to see how well everyone knew the songs. I think our group did pretty well. 

Here's some random pictures. 

I was going to post some other pictures that the little girl in our hall took, mainly to prove I'm not the only one in the world who takes pictures of my feet. But then Zach pointed out the other person is a 6 year old girl, and maybe that wouldn't help my case. So now you all get to wonder what her feet look like. Sorry!

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