Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sick Again

This week we got to experience a few things for the first time. Namely, Honduran medical care and home repairs.

As I've mentioned before, my pink eye has not fully gone away. Well, last week it started getting worse so I decided to go to the doctor Monday. I asked a sister to come with me as translator, cause I wasn't sure I'd be able to describe the problem exactly. Thankfully, she knew of a good doctor to go to as well.

So we met at a farmacia near where the doctor's office was located, and as is my habit, I got there stupid early. So I grabbed a Gatorade and sat outside waiting for her. While I was waiting, a man walks up to me and starts talking and gesturing. I told him "No entiendo" but he kept talking and gesturing. Finally I figured it out. He wanted my Gatorade, which was half empty already. Um, ok. So I gave it to him. Poor guy is probably going to get pink mouth or something now. This actually isn't the first time I've been asked for my drink either.

Anyway, the doctor. She checked me out, ran through everything and even checked my lungs, stomach, glands and all. This will be important to know in a minute. Everything is fine, except my eyes. She writes me a prescription for eye drops, gives me some sort of pill to take for a week, and gives me the bill. 300 lempiras. That's $15 USD. Yeah, I could get used to healthcare here. She also told me no predicar for the next week. Apparently, going out in service and being around flowers and car fumes and the sun is hurting my eyes and I need to rest them. Welp, there goes getting my hour goal for this month.

So. Guess what happens no less than 12 hours later? I come down with the worst sinus infection in the world. Really? She just checked me out and I was fine. On the bright side, I did not need to go back to the doctor, because you can get pretty much anything over the counter here, and I already knew what I needed. I've been in bed since then. Hoping to feel better soon, we've got a campaign to start.

Now, as you know, my favorite feature of our apartment is the air conditioner. The air conditioner that suddenly quit working about two weeks ago. Zach played with it and couldn't find anything wrong, so finally this week, we called someone out to look at it. The problem? Someone decided to steal our meter box. The a/c unit has one of its own, while the rest of the compound is on a different one, and for some reason, when the box got stolen, it cut the power to the unit. That would also explain why we haven't gotten a bill. But that's just such a random thing to steal. What are you going to do with it, hook it up at your house so the electric company can start charging you too?  So, that's fixed, a/c is back on, and it also cost 300 lempira.

As you can see, it's been very exciting around here.

The highlight of this week is that I learned how to make tortillas and I did it without a tortilla press. We've been eating them every day. Yum!

Ok, here's what you've been waiting for. Pictures.


  1. Glad medical care isnt crazy expensive like here. Hope you get better soon. So whats your recipe for the tortillas? I dont suppose they are gluten free?

    1. Actually they are. But they are corn, so it still won't work for you. It's really easy tho, corn flour, water and salt. I'm going to see if I can find rice flour too.