Saturday, October 5, 2013


Honduras is not being kind to us. First, it's not raining. Then I get sick. Then I hurt my foot. Then Zach gets sick. Now he's sharing the germs with me.

Today is the start of the Annual Meeting back in the States. Since we don't get to see it down here, if anyone wants to send us details, that'd be cool.

The other night we were making dinner, pork with lots of spices, and it smelt really good. Apparently,  it could also be smelt from far away, because as we sat down to eat, there was a loud crying at the steps to our apartment. We opened the gate, and in walks a cat. He just came right into the room and sat there, waiting for some food. So....I didn't eat my dinner, know, kitty.

He stayed for a little while, and sniffed out the place then left. But he was back the same time the next night, wanting to be fed again. I'm thinking there is going to be a pattern here. 

Right now, the other units in our building are being used by the Circuit and District Overseers for Spanish. I think there is an Assembly this weekend. But the point is, I know they are not here right now, and I have heard their doors opening and closing all day. It's probably the wind, because these places are not that big, and surely any vandals would be done by now.

Here's some photos from service. You will notice I did not take a picture of what was obviously a narcotraficante's house. I did go up to their gate and yell very loudly, but no one was home. It was quite the place though, large fences hiding an incredibly large house- bigger than the ones on our street- and the gates were decorated with metal scorpions. On an unrelated note, it appears the people on our street that we refer to as the "nice drug dealers" may actually own a hotel in the Zona Viva. But, you know, we like our theory.

I particularly like this last picture. Apparently, Hondurans are so rich, that they don't build stables for their horses. Instead, they live in houses.

A side note on the narcos... A brother told us that the US Government posted a list of the narcos on the Embassy website, and told the Honduran Government to go get them, and the Hondurans have actually been listening. This has led to them fleeing La Ceiba, and crime has gotten better around here. Also, one of our other neighbors has recently put their house up for sale; we're not sure if it's related, but why not?

While I was perusing the Embassy site, I found this interesting link to the International Religious Freedom Report. Who knew there was such a thing? Anyway, Jehovah's Witnesses are mentioned a couple of times in regards to persecution in other countries. 

That's all for now.

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