Monday, September 30, 2013


So I have a new favorite fruit. The rambutan are delicious. Today we were walking to the supermarket and there was a guy selling them on the street, so we bought a bag and started eating them. Since you have to peel off the skin, I'm thinking we probably won't get parasites from not washing them first. At least, I hope so.

Dengue seems to be big right now. We don't have bug spray. 

Friday at meeting we had the "How Did We Do?" part. Instead of just reading off the numbers, the brother had me calculate all the totals from the seat and share them. The little congregation with an average of 25 publishers got 7,335 hours!

I love service here. People will just come up to you and ask for the magazines. The other day, as we were wrapping up, a guy called us over from across the street. He asked for the magazines, then went into his work hut and came out with a Bible Teach in Spanish. He then asked for someone to come by and study with him in Spanish. O, ok. We can arrange that. 

Saturday we took a hike up the river to go swimming. First we took a taxi to a certain point, then started walking the rest of the way, not sure how far it was. Supposedly, a bus drives that route every two hours, but no one knew when it had last come by. I hurt my foot, so we decided to flag down a truck for a ride to the top. Seemed like a good idea, then the truck that stopped was full of policemen. They let us hop in the back, and two of them joined us. Ok..... So Zach says we should take a picture, cause no one will believe this. I look up, and the officer was taking a picture of me! I guess they didn't think anyone would believe them either. When we got to our stop, we realized that the truck said they were the Tourism Police. No wonder they were so nice! They took a couple more pictures with us to show their boss. I can't help the feeling that we will soon be on a billboard as an advertisement for them.

Turns out that little drive was 8 km. I'm glad we didn't walk. Next we went on a swinging bridge across the river. It looked stable, but Zach and I got it swinging pretty good. The sister with us was not happy.

Then we walked down the road to a hotel and went swimming in the river. We brought our snorkel equipment, but I'm not really sure why, because you can't actually see anything. 

That last shot is supposed to be one of those half in the water, half out sort of things, but it didn't work too well. The good news is our camera is indeed waterproof.

That's all the excitement for now.

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