Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We've Arrived

We finally made it!

There were times Saturday and Sunday that I didn't think we would ever get here, but as you can see from the title of this post, I was wrong.

So...let's see, there was a delay in Denver because of the rain. We ended up getting into Los Angeles with just enough time to run to our next flight as they were boarding. Of course, since LAX is a huge airport, we landed at one terminal, had to take a bus to the next terminal, run up the escalators, and so on. There was a lady on the flight with us, who had the same problem with her DEN-MIA flight, and she was really freaking out because her sister's wedding was the next day, so Zach and I played linebackers and got her through the crowds onto the plane. It was quite the sight.

In Miami, we waited. And waited some more. The rain followed us from Colorado, so the flights were delayed because no one could go out on the tarmac. The lightening and everything had planes diverting and waiting, they even had to unload planes that were already on the runway.

We made it to San Pedro Sula about 2 pm. What kind of weather awaited us? Not rain. It was nice and sunny and hot. I was really surprised! Of course, our troubles didn't end there. They couldn't get the gangway ramp to connect to the plane so we could get off. It's kinda like they don't want us back or something.... Anyway.

While we were at the Colorado airport, I bought saldo for our Tigo SIM cards so we could use our phones right away in Honduras. So I turn on my phone....and get a bunch of error messages. So we go to the snack shop lady, and she looks at it, can't figure it out, but let's put some more saldo on it, just in case. Still doesn't work. There's no Tigo store at the airport, so what can we do?
Zach starts walking around asking people if they speak English, maybe they can help. The gentleman at the car rental place informs him that SIM cards expire after 3 months if they aren't refilled, and the number gets reused. Oops. So, to whoever got my $12.50 saldo donation, you're welcome. We bought new SIM cards, it works great. Life is good.

We took the Hedman Alas bus to La Ceiba. Those buses are nice. Air conditioning, movies, snack service, reclining seats. It was a little disconcerting though, there are shades covering all the windows, and separating you from the bus driver, so you can't see out any of the windows to tell where you are going. I kept thinking we were going to crash horribly. But we survived, and even got in early.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it is. No taxis honking, no loud music playing. All those sounds we are used to, nothing. It was really, really weird. Finally today we went downtown and we heard those familiar sounds. What a relief.

Our apartment is huge! I mean, anything would feel big after living in a camping trailer for a year, but this place is big. it even has a walk in closet. Plus, there's a pull out couch, in case anyone wants to visit.

So far it has been hot and muggy with lots of clouds, but no rain. I'm a little disappointed.

I just figured out how to connect both computers to the internet, but have yet to figure out how to get the phones connected. It's rather annoying, but I shall prevail! Alternatively, I shall buy a wireless router!

We went food shopping today. I found a new fruit. At least, I think it's a fruit. I took a picture, but transferring it to my computer is something else I can't figure out how to work on my phone. So, you shall have to wait for that excitement.

We have taken two taxis home so far, and both of them knew where we live. Creepy. It's like, if you tell them you live in this area, you either live here or at the missionary home. I'd forgotten what that was like.

I guess that's all for now. Hopefully we will have some interesting stories and pictures to share soon.

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