Friday, September 20, 2013

First Meeting

Our first meeting was tonight. It was at 630 pm, which was different. But omigoodness, the hall at the missionary home! It has cushy benches, and air conditioning. It was incredible. I was laughing so hard because after meeting everyone was complaining about how cold it was. Not something they get to say often, I imagine.

It was good to see everyone again. Only a couple new faces. It was so encouraging though, one person who was studying when we left had his whole family there tonight, and gave an impromptu Bible reading. Obviously, he has really progressed.

My favorite little sister is still there. She has grown a lot. It was really cute, I told her I had a present for her but I forgot it at home, and she goes "I have a surprise for you too" and hands me a bag of chips. Yay Cheetos!

We hear there are some new laws coming through about extending visas. Not quite sure how that will affect our plans. We may have to run to Costa Rica sooner than we thought. O what a shame, more vacations lol.

I finally was able to upload a picture of my fruit from the other day. I haven't eaten it yet, I'm a little scared after the bad experience with the Mami, but they sell this at the smoothie shop, so it can't be that bad. It's called a Maracuya, I think.

Also, super exciting- guanabana must be in season, cause they are selling it at the smoothie shop too. *singing in my head*

Amazingly, there are hardly any bugs, and therefore, no bites. But Murphy's Law, now that I've said something...I feel itchy.

There is a new Translation Center being built somewhere in town. Our congregation is assigned to go help Monday, that should be fun.

I seriously feel like this apartment is too big. I've been looking longingly at the studio we were in before throughout the day. Maybe I'm just jealous of the porch space.

Anyway...Tonight we are going to sleep without the a/c on. We'll see how that goes.

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