Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Honduras By The Numbers

Here's an infographic on our time in Honduras. Without, you know, the graphic part.

$18.55- How much we have spent on transportation so far this month

14- The average attendance at meetings

8:15- What time the field service meeting starts

$2.10- How much we spent on three sodas and two ice cream bars for service break

0- The number of parasites we have had to deal with so far

$1.25- How much we have spent on our two (2) cell phone bills this month. Yes, that’s combined. Also, we probably won’t have to refill for another month.

2- The number of hot showers I have taken. (This is by choice. Based on previous posts, who woulda thunk?)

$18- How much we spent for dinner and Cokes for four (4) people

196,856- Population of La Ceiba as of 2010

$250- Monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment, including utilites, trash and water

88- The temperature today

504- Country Code for phone numbers. In case you are wondering, the US equivalent is 1

Speaking of 1- The number of eyes I can currently see out of. Thank you Pink Eye re-occurrence. 

.25- The price for 5 plantains from the guy with the horse cart in the territory. 

393- The price of a roundtrip ticket from Los Angeles to San Pedro Sula in December

7988- The elevation in ft. of Pico Bonito mountain

.15- The smallest purchase I have made

20.4250- The number of Lempiras in a US Dollar

4- Minutes taken to walk to the Kingdom Hall

.34- The miles to walk to the Kingdom Hall

9092336284- Our phone number. (Hint, hint)

Any numbers you're interested in? 

Ok, you've been patient with me long enough. Here's a picture as a reward. 

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