Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not All The Tarantulas I See Are Dead

We finally saw a live tarantula. We were walking home from meeting one night, and it was just sitting there in front of our gate. I did consider picking it up to fry, but Zach scared it by chasing it around to get a good picture in the light, and I considered that enough torture for one night.

Plus, I told Zach of my desire to eat spiders, and now he thinks I'm weird. 

The cat is still hanging around. Turns out it's a girl. And she's pregnant. Now I can't turn her away. The other night she brought a friend to dinner, but they ran off when we got home. I really don't know what we are going to do when she starts bringing the kittens around. Also, I'm a little worried she's going to give birth in the living room.

Anyway, we have made some decisions about things. Mostly these were things that we were already thinking about, but now we've given them the green light.

Decision One- As much as we love traveling, we need to have a home base. That home base is going to be La Ceiba. So, our cards are getting sent here, we are locking in our apartment, and even having internet installed in said apartment.

Decision Two- We aren't going to be going to the States for our Visa runs, due to the new healthcare laws and what they mean for our budget if we are in the States. That means you have to come visit us.

Decision Three- This one makes me sad. We aren't going to be spending three months in El Salvador like we had hoped. At least, not until after we get our Honduran residency. With the conflict between the two countries in regards to tourist visas, it seems we might have to stay away from Salvador for a while, simply because they won't let us in. We'll still probably try to get in for a few weeks though. 

That said, we'll be going through Nicaragua on our way back from Costa Rica early next year, so CharleyRachel, NicaChica, and anyone else in Nica who'd like to hang out or show us around or know when we'll be in town so you can conveniently be somewhere else, please send us a comment on the form to the right side of this page with your email address so we can make plans. The comment form goes straight to my email, so you don't have to worry about it being broadcast publicly. 
So....we do like visitors. And emails. And phone calls. Just sayin...

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  1. Feel free to come stay with us. Try to let us know before you get to our front door though!