Saturday, October 19, 2013

Translation Center

Today we went to work at the new Translation Center. It's in this cute neighborhood on the other side of town. It's right up the hill from a missionary home. They referred to it as an "ex-missionary home" so although there are brothers in it right now, I don't know if they are just renting the place while the Translation Center is built, or if it used to be a missionary home but won't be used anymore. The brother I was talking to wasn't sure what would happen to it once the Center was finished.

The place is absolutely beautiful! It has a great location, where you can see Pico Bonito and the mountain range, and the ocean on the other side. The Center is comprised of two buildings, one is a three story residence and the other is a two story office.
The brothers are so skilled too. The work they did was really nice. There's tile floor, big showers, a granite countertop in the kitchen, I could go on.

We got to meet two brothers from the Mexican Branch who are here to work on the building. They were really nice, of course. They said that they haven't gotten to see the city yet, so we might take them out and about one afternoon.

CO Visit next week!

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  1. this is great. do U khow about the work of dubai translation center? and what languages facility this office provide? it is very nice by the way and thanks for sharing the pictures