Friday, November 15, 2013

Lights Out

We're getting new neighbors!

A missionary couple in one of the Spanish congregations is going to be moving in to the apartment below us. Right now, the house is getting remodeled to make it ready for them, so they probably won't move in for a month or two, but it will be fun when they do.

Of course, with the remodeling going on, there's been some fun times. Our power in the apartment has been randomly going off, but only half of the apartment at a time. Like, the fans will stop, but my computer keeps charging. It's really weird. Also, the electricity to the washer got turned off for a couple days. I almost had to try to conquer the pila again. Anyway, the point is, we've been having a few more power outages than normal. Then last night...

That's the view from our patio. 

The power went off as far as the eye could see. Considering it never seems to fully get dark here, it was very weird. At night, we usually can see the lights of the soccer stadium, and even those were off. It seemed like the whole city went dark. And it stayed that way for hours. 

Our neighbors had meeting last night, they were actually leaving about the time power went off. Back in the States, usually that sort of thing gets the meeting cancelled. Not here. I'm not exactly sure how they went about their meeting, but they obviously managed. 

A couple weeks ago, the power went out during the sign language meeting. Thankfully that was during the day, because I really don't know how they would conduct a meeting in the dark.

The lights finally came back on around 3 am, and that was a rude awakening. We'd forgotten to turn off all the switches. Oops. 

In other news, I think the rainy season is finally upon us. Every afternoon we get a nice downpour. The other day we were walking to meeting and the water was above my ankles everywhere, deeper in some spots. That was fun. We have meeting tonight and it's raining right now, we might get walk through the flood again. Well, we might call a taxi. 

It's funny though, we have such extremes in weather. Right now it's extremely rainy, and a couple days ago, it was extremely beautiful while we were out in service. We were working right near the beach, so I got a couple shots.

Well, that's all for now. Gotta start getting ready for meeting. I have a talk tonight and still need to figure out where to get it printed.

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