Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Here are some photos from service the past couple of days. This can give you a little bit of an idea what the area looks like.

  The building in the background is the soccer stadium. The stadium is in the middle of the city, sorta...We can hear the games from our house sometimes.

This is Zach and Bro Woodrow doing a house across the street from us. You can see how they have to stop at the gate and yell towards the house from there.

This is my favorite picture. It reminds me of the new Watchtower covers, how they have a scene from out in service. This is Wes inviting a young woman to the Memorial.

We had two cute experiences today. At one house, we asked a group of kids for the woman there who spoke english. They disappeared and did not come back out for several minutes so we went to leave. As we were doing so, the kids started yelling for us to come back. Two of them had grabbed a blanket as a cloak and one was standing on the other's shoulders to pretend they were taller, like an adult. As they tried to open their gate and come show us, they fell backwards. Everyone was ok, but it was really funny.

Then we were walking to another territory by the beach, and we passed a family walking along to go to the beach. All of a sudden, I feel someone grab me at my waist. Their little girl- probably no more than 5- had run up behind me and was hugging me. It was quite the shock at first, but everyone had a good laugh about it and we went our separate ways. We picked up our friends at their house and continued on our way when we ran into the family again, This time the little girl ran up and gave Kate a hug. I don't know why she was hugging us, I think she was just really excited to see white people, because we do get strange reactions from little kids pretty often. But this one was the best, it totally made my day.

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  1. The soccer stadium where we went for the international convention in Trinidad was in the middle of the city like that. Very interesting.