Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obvious Observation

So it turns out, in this Central American, Spanish speaking country, the English congregation is considered a foreign language congregation. I think a part of me knew that, but it didn't really sink in until meeting last Wednesday. So that was my "DUH" moment for the week.

We are definitely learning the city better and learning to communicate easier. My service bag broke so we had to take it to a taller (tie-air) for repairs. We found some material to fix it, found a shop out in service, argued with them about what we wanted, found out we bought the wrong material and convinced them to repair it anyway- all in Spanish. I even know how to get back to the shop to pick up my bag.

Here's an exciting picture for y'all. The frogs here are humongous, bigger than a hand. This one was outside our house one night. Usually when you see them, they are squished out on the road, which makes them look even bigger. I think they might be poisonous, but when Zach touched this one, he didn't die. So you know, that's good.

This is a horse in the Kingdom Hall parking lot. We didn't take the picture so I can't tell you anything about it.  Zach thinks it was there to help with the cleaning of the Hall, since we don't have a lawn mower.

Ok, we got meeting early in the AM, so that's all for now! Night folks!

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