Tuesday, April 3, 2012

At Long Last- Pictures

We finally got pictures uploaded to our computer! I will be adding pictures in a couple different posts so you can see everything you missed.

To start- ziplining!

This is me and Lindsey from Toronto in the back of the truck riding to the ziplining place. I'll let you decide if we were safe in the bed with no seatbelts.
 This is the whole group that went. The two in front are Lindsey's mom and grandma, and yes, both of them actually went on the zipline. The others on the left are Wes and Kate from Pennysylvania and Dianne from New York. The other two faces should be familiar, but maybe we've been gone long enough that you've forgotten what we look like.

View from midway point up the mountain, you can't really tell but there is an island behind our heads

Zach getting ready for his first ride. Does he look nervous?

If you look closely at the middle of this shot, you will see Dianne going through the trees. Yes, it was that high up.

This is one of the hot springs pools. It was simply awful, you go sit in the hot springs, then get a massage and a mud bath, and soak in the springs again. I think I could get used to that.
 This is Wes and Kate doing their best Flinstones impression after the mud bath.

More photos to follow!

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