Monday, April 2, 2012

Exciting News!

Howdy Y'all! I am writing to you from our brand new computer that we just got a couple hours ago. I feel like we waited sooooooo long!
We walked over to the missionary home to pick it up, and the brother asked us if we needed a ride. Zach replied "O we're just gonna walk home." The brother goes "Isn't that what caused this problem in the first place?" O yeah. So we took a taxi home, and got the computer in safely. I feel relieved now. It's not going anywhere.

The other good news- the Subway in the mall is finally open! It was like a taste of home for a few brief moments. I think we may be eating there a lot.

We have gotten a good response to the memorial campaign. We currently have the territory right downtown where all the businesses are, and there are a lot of english speakers. I was surprised. Even the ones who don't speak english are interested though, so we give out a lot of invites. I had a really good conversation with a security guard at a store, at least, I think it was a good conversation. It was entirely in spanish and I have no idea what either of us said, but I'm pretty sure he is going to go to the Memorial now. Very few people tell us "no," most say "sure, I'll try to come." That's nice to hear.

Some of our friends are starting to leave to go back home, It's very sad. In about a month, there will be only 15 people or so left in the congregation. So we need people to visit us, and help us in the territory- there's so much of it!

Pictures will be coming soon!

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