Saturday, April 7, 2012

Memorial and other unrelated news

Here's some photos of the Memorial and our day today.
We had 34 in attendance at our memorial. There were 5 visitors.

This is Sister Woodrow, she and her husband live in the building next to us.
 Kate and Samara
 The Campbell Family (Jenny, Seth, Glen and Gavin) with Jenny's study Dulce.

Here are some pictures from today.
This is a carrot we got from the supermarket. It's huge and probably weighs about 2 lbs. All the fruit and veggies here are really big. We saw a papaya the size of a watermelon- no joke. I was going to buy it, then I remembered I don't like papaya that much.

Zach has a habit of picking up every centavo he finds in the street, and has quite the collection. He counted out how much he has today and made these two piles. The one on the left is .93 USD, on the right is 17.75 Lempira. Guess which one is worth more....
Trick question. It's the same amount.

We booked our flight home today, we are staying here the full 120 days allowed. I had to recount the days a couple times to make sure we weren't going to overstay and get in trouble. I was a little worried, because the flights home using my miles were either in the beginning of July- which is really soon- or the end of August- past when our 6 months is up- but thankfully we found a flight that will work and we won't have to be deported. I'm a big fan of not being deported. 

That is all.


  1. What part of Canada are the Campbell's from?

    1. I think Ontario or Toronto, somewhere on the Eastern side