Monday, April 16, 2012

Nighttime in Honduras

Nighttime in Honduras comes early.The sun is gone long before 7, and most smart people are at home by that time. However, not everyone shares this same view, and cars can be found all over the city until about 11, which is really when you want to be home by.
There really isn't a lot to do at night, there are a few restaurants in town and there is the Zona Viva, where the clubbing and drugs happen, but that isn't really our thing, so we stay home most nights.
For safety's sake, it seems the friends don't often get together at night to hang out, since it means someone will have to walk home in a bad area. The taxis during the day are your friends, the taxis at night, they have no friends. So it's best to have a brother's number to call for a ride if you go out too late.

Most the noises you hear at night are fairly common, cars, birds, dogs and cats fighting, but its that occasional sudden firework(at least, you hope it's a firework) that gets you up and looking out the windows. Mostly it's just hard to sleep if you're not from a city with noises.
 But morning comes early and if you don't get your sleep now, you may not get it at all. Because this is Honduras, life must go on, and that means the man selling plaintains or God knows what else will be yelling as he rides down the street trying to drum up business at 6:00 am. I'd hit the snooze button, but it doesn't affect them.

And shortly after the not so nice wake up call, it is in fact time to get up, time to get ready for another day of "predicating" as the non-Witness gringos call it.

So as it is 9:15, and somewhat quiet, I'm gonna see if I can go to sleep now. Let you know how this works out tomorrow.


  1. laughed out loud at your "hit the snooze button" comment. if only it could be that easy :)

  2. LOL! I have a cat that could use a snooze button, but Thankfully no Plaintains salesmen (;)) Did you get some sleep? Hope so. I've really enjoyed catching up with you on here! Thanks for sharing!