Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I promise this post will be more cheery than the last one. I got a mostly restful night of sleep so that should help.

Yesterday was exactly one year since we came to California. I don't know how to feel about that.

Yesterday was also my last day at Mira Loma. I didn't take any pictures, because, well, I know what the outside of Mira Loma looks like and that isn't going to change.

Today is my fourth to last day at Norco. It does change, so I am taking pictures. I don't know why, I will have nothing to compare it to, since I highly doubt we will be at an Assembly here any time soon. That's ok though, most of my pictures are of people. Some of whom you will see below, yay!

It is a little sad knowing that these are the last few days we will see these friends in person. But when you're going to live forever, there is always time to run into them again!

At the convention, I took a video of the crowd singing. It was so special to see almost 10,000 of Jehovah's servants coming together with one voice. Well today, after lunch, the little group of volunteers came together to sing as well. This time really brought tears to my eyes, but that might have been because of the song.

Here's two videos. You will have to ignore my off-key singing in the background. Something about being in a big crowd makes me think I can sing really loud, but no.

Here's the pictures from today:

This sister has family in Honduras, including a cousin who is going to be serving in La Ceiba in the ASL congregation. Such a small world.

This used to be the dining hall.

Is that a maze? No, it's just what remains of several walls.

The old kitchen.

This is the new kitchen, fully functioning

This is a flower; in the background you can see some of the demo work. It was good I got this picture when I did, after lunch a sister came along and picked it for her hair.

A cute little kitchen sister. I'm pretty sure she was staying in the same hotel as us for Convention, but she was wearing a dress that day so I'm not sure. 

Two sisters being interviewed during lunch.

The brother conducting made sure even his tie was safety green. Have to be safety conscious at all times!

That's all for now!

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