Sunday, August 25, 2013


So last night was quite the surprise. You may remember me saying that Zach's aunt Penny was coming to visit. Well they were setting up the back yard so that people could come over and visit with her. I noticed there was a lot of preparation going on, and that seemed strange.

Turns out, it was a surprise going away party for us! Zach knew about it, but I didn't have a clue. It was really nice to have the friends come over to say goodbye.. Even the Circuit Overseer and his wife came. That made me really happy. And yes, Aunt Penny did come, and we did get to visit.

Here's a picture of the cake they got for us.

It seemed a shame to cut it, but how can you pass up Costco cake? It's the best!

I didn't cry, in case you were wondering. But I did want to.

Topic Change I:

We finally started the packing process. It's a good thing we did. Somehow, we have waaaaayyyyyyyy more stuff than I thought we did. I have repacked about 6 times now, and it's not getting any better.

We said we would only bring 3 suitcases to Honduras, since we will be traveling a lot. Well, I have two perfectly packed suitcases at 50 lbs each, one suitcase at 80 lbs, and a week worth of clothes to still fit in there. Yeah, I've done the math and it just does NOT work. I thought I'd purged a lot already.... Guess there's more to do. But it's worth it. 

Once we get on the plane and are on our way, we totally won't even be worried. But there's still a week left, and I think I might just freak out for that time. 

Topic Change II:

Still need to sell:

2007 Dodge Caliber
Playstation 3
14 pc. Ryobi Tool Set
Dining Table

If you hear of anyone who needs/wants those sorts of things, please let them know what we have.

Topic Change III:


Good night. 

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