Monday, August 12, 2013

District Convention

This weekend was our District Convention in Long Beach. We went down early on Thursday and stayed at a nice hotel. The places the rooming department gets for us are really nice. This place had a free breakfast, nice pool area, super comfy beds and a shuttle to the convention center. All for really cheap too!

Plus, we had really nice neighbors. Right as we were checking in, guess who pulls up? An Overseer from the Norco project with his wife. And at breakfast, there were more people from Norco. It was really weird seeing people in suits and dresses, when I usually see them in hard hats and safety green. The nice thing though, was last year I didn't know a soul at convention and this year I knew everybody.

The program was good, of course. Since we had already gone, I was most looking forward to hearing the different experiences and interviews. There was one that made me cry, it was so beautiful. A brother walked on stage with some difficulty, and had to use arm crutches. He was asked what blessing he most enjoyed, and he shared how he is part of the RBC even with his disability. He said he most looks forward to when he can help actually build houses and roofs for the brothers in the new system. It is so wonderful the way Jehovah can use all of us, no matter our limitations and abilities.

On Friday we went out to dinner with our hotel neighbors. It was so encouraging to hear their experiences, and how they started into the substitute circuit overseer and assembly hall construction work.

The Persian convention was being held at the convention center at the same time as ours. This was exciting because the brother who married us is Persian, and we were hoping to see him and his family, because we have not seen them in many years. So on Sunday, we went downstairs and sure enough, they were there! It was so wonderful to see them again. I did feel horribly old though, because their kids are so big and I remember before they were born.
In a couple weeks, there is going to be a Persian language class in Colorado, and he will be teaching it. They are hoping to be an official group soon. It is so amazing how the preaching work is expanding.

So we are back home today. I finally managed to drag myself out of that nice hotel bed, but I was so sad. The first day I have had to sleep in in a few months, and I woke up so early...

Tomorrow I will be back at Norco. I hear they were demolishing the kitchen area Saturday, so that should be interesting to see.

We leave in exactly 3 weeks. Still haven't sold the car or some of our other stuff, but I know Jehovah will take care of our needs. Besides, I still need the car for those three weeks.

Anyway, here's some pictures from the weekend.

I'm particularly proud of the last picture. I caught on camera the fabled line to the men's bathroom. I've heard of it, but didn't think it actually existed.

That's all for now.

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  1. Wow, I never heard of the line at all, but always wondered why the sister can't use those seemingly unused facilities.
    Love you blog