Monday, June 11, 2012

Ziplining- Again!

So we think Zach has a parasite. That's pretty exciting. But Grandma's cure seems to be helping, so thank you Grandma!
Anyway, been a bit under the weather, but it helped us get some much needed rest. Can't wait to get back out in service tomorrow. I miss my group!

Last week I bought a cacao pod from a pulperia. It was a whole 3 lemps! Here's some cool pictures. We popped it open, ate off the white gunk and roasted the seeds in the sun. Next up, finding a grinder and figuring out how to make actual chocolate. So much fun!

Today we went zip lining with the sisters visiting from Virginia. We went to the same place as before, so not many pictures, but we do have a couple videos. We've discovered so many cool things here, I think I want to become a tour guide when we get back.

Here's me with my windswept hair from riding in the back of the truck. I know, super attractive.

This is Jaely (sp?) all ready to go!
Zach and the girls in front of one of the hot springs. 250 degrees! Don't jump in that one!

 This is a nut thing that grows on some of the palm trees here. The guides called it a small coconut but it was kind of like a macadamia nut. It was really yummy.

Here's a video of the longest run on the zip line course. You can see it's not really that scary, and you aren't too high off the ground, but it's really fast.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks to all our readers, new and long-timers. Comments are always appreciated!

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