Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day at the Beach

Yesterday was absolutely perfect. Well, the part where Zach made me get up at the crack of dawn to walk to the grocery store wasn't perfect, but the rest of it was.

First we took a bus to the beach. It turns out the place is called Helen's because there is a Hotel and Restaurant Helen there. I'm assuming she's the owner. 

It was completely deserted. You couldn't see anyone at all. The water was perfect and warm, unless you went out really far. It was shallow way out there. 
                                                    Then suddenly....COWS!
Travis borrowed a machete from the hotel owner and cut down some coconuts. I think its a requisite of living in Honduras. You must know how to use a machete.

                                                  Drinking the coconut water

                                                            The girls relaxing
                                                         The turtle sanctuary

                                         View of the hotel from the middle of the ocean

                Failed attempt at capturing a jumping shot. Looks more like a cell phone signal ad.


Nest week we plan to go ziplining again. Maybe this time we can get some videos for y'all.

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