Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Exciting News

So just a couple of quick things.

Today we got a lot of time in service, but it was HOT!!! I went back on a call with a sister, and the householder was really good to talk to. She obviously thinks a lot about spiritual things, you can tell based on her answers to questions. We also did a study with three young girls in Spanish. The oldest is really smart and really into the study. I will probably be taking it over when the other sister goes home. That should be fun, they have already gone to meetings a couple times.

One of the brothers here has a study who has been coming pretty regularly to the meetings. Last Wednesday, he answered for the first time. On Sunday, he answered FOUR times! It was incredible to see. He is making amazing progress.

So, *OFFICIAL NEWS* we have a game plan now. We want to be back here by January to stay full time. There's a few things we have to get worked out, but with Jehovah's blessing, it'll happen. We don't know what we are doing August- December, but we have next year figured out.
Unfortunately, there already seems to be someone who reserved our apartment once we are gone. And they plan to be here for about 6 months or so. So this means we have to go apartment hunting. Yay...and not Yay.

We love our apartment, it's close to everything and everyone, which means we can do a lot of walking. It's in a pretty secure area, we have a clothes washer, plenty of space to spread out (turns out we don't need much of that) the awesome balcony, and of course, clean running water that we can drink out of the tap. I'm really a fan of that last one.

But if this apartment isn't available, what to do? There's the slightly bigger 1 bedroom with a/c right next to us. But about 15 minutes away, and closer to the morning service meetings, are two other places. One is a two bedroom, which would be perfect so we could have company stay with us. (Because you know that's what's been keeping y'all from visiting. When we come back, we expect people here every other week. :) ) The other is a complex with various sizes so we would just see what is available. Any of these places would work, it's just a matter of what's available and where we want to go...or who we want as our neighbors. (Those of you reading this who might become our neighbors- I'm just joking. We love all of you.)

But I really, really like our apartment. Yes I know I'm starting to whine. It just has that feel of your first place when you move out on your own, and it's near and dear to me. Also, it's really safe. And I can drink the water. Cannot emphasize that part enough. No parasites for me!

Ok enough of that. Here's some pictures from service.

This is the view from the patio where we had the service meeting this morning.

This is Zach walking fown the street. You can see a Pulperia in the right-hand corner. That's right, the Pespi and Coke logos are just painted on the side of the buildings.

This is a picture of the rest of the group, under the blue roof, you can see two sisters talking to a man, and right behind them are the other two brothers.

This is a random lot in the middle of the neighborhood. There are two perfectly normal houses on both sides of it, and in this walled in lot, there's a jungle.

Ok, gotta go make dinner and watch Jeopardy!


  1. Hey, exciting to hear your coming back soon. Also did i miss something???? Do believe i left you my number on more thing.
    Bring me a turtle. That is all. :-p

    1. Never got your number. I'll email you mine.
      You missed a lot. Can i bring you turtle soup? Might be easier to smuggle across the border.