Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So I have a horrible secret that I'm going to share with all of you. And yes, I may whine a little bit in this post.

I don't like Honduran food.

There, I said it. I'm sorry, but it's true. I love all the different veggies and fruits that we find, but the typical Honduran menu does not appeal to me at all. I was so excited to try new foods, but I find that everything is the same, and sort of tasteless. The food isn't bad, it's just....not exciting.

The tipico Honduran breakfast consists of beans that are similar to refried beans but aren't the same, some kind of chorizo, eggs, thick tortillas and fried plantains. The plantains are good, but the rest of it...meh. For lunch, it's the same thing, but this time wrapped in the tortilla. I do have to say, the tortillas are pretty cool, they are kind of like Indian roti or pita bread. They work really well as a naan substitute when I make curries.
The cheese that seems to be in everything (even packaged hot dogs) tastes kinda rancid, but I know it's not actually bad, because everyone else is eating it. The Chinese food in the mall is actually pretty good and ridiculously cheap, but I think I may have to open my own restaurant if I want Indian food.
Thankfully, smoothie shops are abundant. There are four in the mall alone. We just discovered one that uses kiwi and guanabana, so I think we have a new favorite. Plus they have this cool machine that vacuum seals the lid to the cup and the geek in me loves that.

We eat things here that I wouldn't dream of eating in the States. I don't remember the last time I went to Burger King back home, but here, I go at least once a week. And I live for Dunkin Donuts breakfasts.

I'm not saying that all Honduran food is bad though. Against my better judgement, I ate a piece of fried chicken for breakfast at a stand in the bus depot one morning. It was amazingly delicious.
Also, I love Tang. They have about 20 different varieties, and most of them are really yummy. I especially love the tamarindo.

The stores here actually have a pretty good variety of products, even if you can't do one-stop shopping. Zach picked up some name brand sweet-and-sour sauce the other day, and we haven't had any problem finding soda. So much for cutting back on that habit. I think we've actually gotten worse. But seriously, we can make pretty much anything we would back home, it just might taste a little different. So we really haven't missed anything since we've been here. I did go through a Mountain Dew withdrawal for about two weeks til we found the sweet hookup though. Turns out pretty much anything is available, if you want to pay import prices.

But after four months, I'm really starting to crave some good American food. Like ribs and waffles and Chipotle. And tonight I would kill for some Costco baklava, but I'd settle for ice cream that doesn't taste like cow. We did find Nestle TollHouse brownie and cookie mixes, so that's pretty exciting. We made brownies for the pioneer meeting, and we were told the locals don't know what brownies are. Which got me thinking- how would you describe a brownie? Cause it's not a cake, and it's not fudge. Think about it. Actually don't, I'm probably over-thinking it due to the fact that I have yet to sleep tonight.

Anyway, if anyone wants to overnight a chicken burrito to me, that would rock. Alternatively, go enjoy one and leave me a comment about how yummy it was.

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