Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Patience is not our Virtue

So in the letter we received from the Mexico branch, there was information for the COBE of the congregation we were assigned to. The letter reccomended that we contact him with intentions and questions and so forth.
Funny story- we don't know how to dial out of country. The brother has a number with a New York area code (apparently they use magicjack to keep in touch with the branch) and he has a number that appears to be local to La Ceiba. However, the Honduran country code is the same as the New York area code, so it's kinda confusing. I think we finally figured it out, but the New York number won't go through and the Honduras number goes to a generic voicemail- and we haven't gotten a call back. So, not really sure we did that right.
So yesterday afternoon we sent him an email, to a really weird email address- it was all numbers. So not really sure we got that right either. I know the branch wouldn't give us wrong info; I just don't think Zach and I know what we are doing. At any rate, now we are waiting for a call or an email. I mean, I've given the brother almost 24 hours, why hasn't he responded? (whine whine whine)
The waiting is the hardest part. First we waited until Honduras called us, and we got excited, then we waited til we got the approval letter, and we got more excited, now we have to wait for the brother- and yes, I know it'll take a couple days, I wasn't really expecting a response so soon- but it's so HARD!!! We want to plan and buy tickets and pack our stuff and go!

And this is why I need to learn patience.

Weird fact of the day:
I've been looking at apartments down there, and although they look really nice, I don't think they include basics- like a refrigerator. All the apartments have pictures of the kitchen, and I don't see any fridges. So I'm really hoping they have rent-a-centers down there, cause I don't particularly want to live without a fridge. Also- if we don't get a furnished place, what are we going to do about pots and pans and dishes and, you know...a bed?
Hmm, maybe they have walmarts too.

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