Friday, December 16, 2011

Good Morning

We had a good morning out in service today. I did early morning service for only the second time ever. It's actually fun, once I wake up fully.

I think the best part must be the car group and the coffee, because we sure don't find a lot of people out in the am. We drive around apartment complexes and parking lots looking for people, but instead find a lot of cars ready to be stolen- they are on, warming up, and no one is around.

The few people we do find are really receptive though, and friendly, even if they aren't interested.

It's been encouraging working a different kind of service and getting a good response.

I've been thinking about how we will do service in Honduras, being the foreign language group and all. I can't imagine we will go door to door like we do here; I think we will probably do more like the language groups here do, walking around town speaking the language, asking around, and instead of driving from this one house here to this other house there, we will probably do a LOT of walking. It'll be like rural territory in the city!

Should be fun!!!

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  1. Reminds me of doing early morning service with the pioneers in Sacramento when I went down there several years ago. Started at 7am doing bus stops and the such. As we were driving out of a neighborhood after picking up a sister, I saw a man walking, so I asked the driver to pull over and I got out and talked to him. He said that if I would make the effort to get up early to talk to people, there must be something special about the message and the least he could do is read the magazines I offered to find out what it was. Looking back, I should have gotten his name and address so I could have arranged for someone to follow up, but I wasn't thinking of that at the time.