Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good News

We talked to the brother in Honduras tonight. He said February was a good time to come, so I'm trying to book the flight right now but the British Airways website isn't cooperating. We leave February 22. 75 days feels like forever.

He gave us some information about the city, mainly that it is safe to ride bikes around, and some of the brothers actually do that. The congregation is small- 28 publishers- and they are assigned the entire city. There are parts they have yet to work. There is a family from Canada down there right now, and another is coming in on Monday. Plus two other families will be down there for 2 weeks here soon. It will be fun to meet other people doing need great work. I love Canadians, eh? :)

Their circuit is 3 countries- little surprise when there are only four English congregations in Honduras. The English started up about 2 years ago.

Side Note- there is a fly dying somewhere in my bedroom right now. At 3 am, it's really LOUD!

Apparently, there is a brother down there who manages (owns?) an apartment building. It might be full up but Bro Woodrow said he would check around for us, and that with our budget we will have no trouble getting something. I wasn't worried exactly, but it was nice to hear that we'll be good in that aspect.

We will still be arranging our own ride from the airport (which is actually more like 2.5 hours), and will still stay at a hotel initially, just while we get acclimated. I've already got a tentative reservation with the hotel. Once I book the flight, I will confirm it with them.

Got the pioneer school issue figured out. They probably won't be having one in Honduras, since there's not really any new English pioneers. So I'll have to go here. Just need to talk to the CO to confirm that he won't take me off the list.

Arg, the British Airways website STILL isn't working. Guess I'll have to call in the morning.

****Update**** It's 6:15am and I finally got the flight booked. It's official, no turning back now!!!


  1. You should love us, Eh. Where are the families from in Canada? I know that its a long shot that they are anywhere close to us, but you never know.

  2. I do love you guys. Idk where they are from. Ill have to ask when we get down there. But its a small world so you prolly will know them.