Saturday, June 14, 2014

Roatan, and How My Dad Went On a Trip and Didn't Kill Himself

 Here's more photos from my parent's trip.

On a cable bridge up the river.


View from our rental house

The beach in front of the house

We were able to snorkel right off the beach. The water was super clear and calm, so we could go out pretty far, but there were even fish right by the shore.

This is a lobster hiding under a rock. He didn't hide so well though, he became dinner.

Lionfish. They are an invasive species here, and poisonous to the touch on some spots, I don't know which. But you can eat them, so figure that out. 

A sea urchin. Definitely don't want to step on one of these.

Requisite foot shot.

We went scuba diving one day and took the camera with us in a waterproof bag. The pressure was too high so it made taking pictures difficult, but also created some interesting effects.


So my parents made it home to cold Colorado safely, which for Dad is a big accomplishment. (Just kidding, I love you!) We might be slightly jealous of that right now though- it's really hot here. 

We had our last Special Assembly Day, with an attendance of 146- that's all the English congregations in the country.

We moved into a new apartment. It does not have a/c, but behind us is jungle-y, and there are even turtles and crocodiles. I don't think I'm gonna let Miss Kitty go outside much.